Monday, February 20, 2006

Freedom Movement, Re-thought.

There is a large number of Americans that want to see G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney resign or be impeached. In light of the current political climate I believe this goal is more of a reality.

After this, excuse my French, Bull Shit with wiretapping upon American citizens without going through the FISA Court I see this now longer as a movement for Impeachment but a movement for Freedom. While Freedom is on the march in Iraq and Afghanistan it is being constricted in America. As I think on this matter I must also say that I am fully conscious of the additional constriction of economic freedoms that motivate the pursuit of the American dream.

As shown in the picture above from September 2005, 100,000 plus + American citizens protested right outside of the White House in opposition to this Administration.

It upsets me greatly that our government and certain 'Media outlets' continue to ignore the vast numbers that oppose the current agenda.

They say liberals, independents, greens have no 'legitimate' ideas. Legitimate according to whom: The GOP? I beg to differ: not just on this blog but countless Democratic politicians have been attempting to present bills & ideas that have been rejected by the GOP.

Specifically: the War in Iraq, Corruption, Domestic policy and advancing regular citizens.

This event in September should have sent a wake up call to the President and to Conservatives in charge that they need to at the least listen to those in opposition.

Rep. John Lewis (D) [whom walked along Martin Luther King Jr.] said and I paraphrase, ‘as a boy he lived on a farm where he raised chickens. He aspired to be a minister and practiced his sermons on these chickens. Mr. Lewis said those chickens use to node their heads like they understood what he was saying. Mr. Lewis in a recent speech said those chickens listened to him more than the Republicans in charge of the government. ‘

I believe that us concerned citizens, after our democratic opinions being ignored for years should cease in following simple acts of civil protest & assembling, and engage in actions of civil disobedience to the very boundary of the law.

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