Thursday, March 16, 2006

In the name of a Soldier

The War in Iraq is such a complex issue that it would take a series of books to comprehensively discuss.

One conclusion has been reached by a significant portion of American citizens, whom let me say are paying for this quagmire; the conclusion that every single U.S. troop should be brought home immediately.

There could be 3 perspectives to view this War:

The liberals hope to see the War to End based on good American principles: that justification for going to War were false, too many American soldiers lives are being lost, too many innocent civilians especially children are being killed, liberals value domestic home town needs over interfering in the affairs of foreign nations, and because citizens of Iraq are rebelling against U.S. occupation of their land.

Conservative want the U.S. to stay because they believe we have blown the country of Iraq up and it is our responsibility to fix what we messed up. They also are not tolerate of the Arabian culture nor Muslim faith and live in fear of another 9/11 attack.

The Neo cons would want the U.S to stay in Iraq until the country is submitted under American influence similar to Israel to ensure U.S. economic and security interest.

And all Americans wanted too or believed we were entering Iraq to liberate its people, destroy any weapons of mass destruction, to get rid of Saddam Hussein and frankly all Americans at least thought of an opportunity to secure Oil for America. Now, we know all these things were utopian illusions.

So what’s the better way? The answer is the way that is best for the people of Iraq.

I have a simple analogy that some Christians reading this post may be able to understand.

Going to church as boy a friend always stayed after to help clean up after service. One day I saw him sweeping the church sidewalk. I walked up to him and asked him how much are they paying you? He said “nothing. I then asked “so why are you doing this”? He replied “cuz its our church” and he kept sweeping.

Sometimes you just have to do what’s right when its right with no self interest and that is what we as a nation must do with Iraq. We have wasted time, wasted tax money and squandered any beneficial opportunities. America needs to clean up and leave Iraq. Its that’s simple.

Rep. Jack Martha a Democrat has presented an alternative plan that is available on his web page. I agree with his plan. I would like to see all troops withdrawn except approximately 20,000 remaining to conduct specific projects with the approval of the Iraqi government. We should complete the construction of the U.S. Embassy but remove all other military basses. And we should continue to provide economic and reconstruction aid.

In regards to Iran, it takes no idiot to know that Iran is directly adjacent to Iraq. We must not be tempted to invade Iran nor continue to agitate this sovereign nation.

Call this pacifism, but the United States is under the leadership of an incompetent & corrupt Administration. We must bring our troops home and sort out this mess we have made led by independent non partisan citizen commissions beginning with President G.W. Bush to the intern that made copies of false intelligence reports leading to this tangled web of a War in Iraq.

What we as American citizens must do is demand that Congress end the War in Iraq by cutting its budget, if not then we should take to the streets in civil disobedience in the name of innocent Iraqi children and if this not good enough for you, then in the names of our fallen men and women in uniform.

-Anthony T. Brooks

Honorable Rep. Jack Murtha:

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