Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lets talk about immigration.

From first thought I would have to say I am in the middle on this issue and have not reached an opinion. Comments are welcome in the “comments” section of this blog. For what its worth I’ll also add that I am from Plant City FL, The Winter Strawberry Capital of the World so this issue of agriculture is home to me.

I continue to hear folk say that immigrants are doing jobs that Americans will not do. As a person that thinks outside the box my initial reaction to such remarks are that such statements are bloated with overtones of the superiority of Americans over Mexicans.

Why not bring these jobs to communities consisting of American citizens? Why not educate certain communities of these employment opportunities by building Job centers and Day Labor centers directly in the middle of certain neighborhoods. I speak specifically of neighborhoods within the African American Community.

I must say I am in the middle on this issue because I am fine with authorized or unauthorized law abiding, tax paying immigrants who are here to work. But frankly, I would rather see a push to fill these jobs with African Americans to further the economic base of this American community which would bolster the U.S. economy on a whole. Those who oppose giving these jobs to Americans are Big Business whom do not want to pay a living wage. Thus they employ illegal immigrants, which is tantamount to a new age of voluntary slavery.

So where do these more affluent Americans have to go? Are you telling me our economy is full of high paying jobs that the average Americans can obtain, so we can leave the dirty work to immigrants? I don’t think so! Took me about 6 months to find a job 2 years ago.

The Service sector, agriculture, construction, child care are all industries that at one time were held by blacks. Some say the African American community is becoming more affluent thus not needing these jobs and as the President of Mexico said “these are jobs even blacks don‘t want to do“. President Fox is also asking for more cooperation from the U.S. Let me tell you something the United States owes Mexico nothing and I believe that not one American tax dollar should be spent on Mexican infrastructure as President Fox is talking about. In addition, raising living standards of Mexican citizens is Fox’s job, not that of the United States. The black community does need and will do these jobs. I pray black leaders and communities will take serious notice to these immigrants whom are seeking jobs that should go to Americans first. We should join them or stand up to protect our jobs & families.

The more jobs that goes to a non U.S. citizens robs from our nation and our families.

There should be a Law giving preferential employment to American citizens in all industries.

And to my immigrant friends, if your loyalties lie with another country and is not at least dually in the interest of America then go back!

After greater emphasize is placed on offering these jobs to Americans then of course let these law abiding immigrants legal or illegal contribute to the economy of our nation thought their labor.

All this blabber in Congress about a Guest Worker Program, Amnesty, etc... This is the fault of political leaders for letting this problem escalate to this point.

The practical thing to do first is to more tightly control the border. We cannot change immigration policy while thousands of illegal immigrants continue to enter our country annually. Deal with the border first. It is impossible to deport those here already so this is not an option.
A solution could be bringing troops home from Iraq and deploy them on the border to protect our Homeland and economic interest.


gregstephenson said...

Since I am a native Texan I grew up around immigrants both legal and illegal. I never gave much thought to it. In 1991 I received a promotion and was relocated to Memphis Tennessee. I was astounded to find an area that was entirely black and white with Memphis itself being a majority black city much like New Orleans. You see I am from Houston and had never seen a black hotel maid until I got to Memphis, ditto for construction and restaurant jobs.
I have since moved on from Memphis but since I met my wife there we return a couple of times each year. Now Memphis has been overrun by illegal aliens and none of the hotel maids speak english. Of greatest concern are jobs in construction. There many blacks, even felons learned trades and were able to become small businessmen. I guess my point is that millions of low wage workers have actively displaced black worker. That is a fact.

Anthony said...

I’m a pretty liberal thinking person so it I can’t imagine what Conservatives think about these illegal aliens waving Mexican flags and demanding the rights of American citizens.

Frankly, I was pissed off when I saw that.

Those that have no respect for the United States of America don’t deserve its benefits. They should be sent back to their home country.

Bruce Larson*Moore said...

"THEY" have as much right to displace, remake, and overthrow this land from sea to shining sea and beyond as the nation making forefathers and the current nation building rulers who call themselves Americans did and are doing. And "THEY" will succeed, via sheer numbers, true empowerment of the people and the establishment of truth, it's the inevitable change which this country was designed to accomplish, as this globe becomes a world of continents, and thus a world of global humanity. All civilizations who deem themselves greater than truth shall perish until love is the rule and peace is the path of all*ways.


* * *

Peace for one is simply a matter of developing the compassion to cooperate and the tolerance to understand.

Peace for many is a matter of building this awareness into society.

Peace for all comes when these acts effect each moment of ones daily living.

— BL*M

Anthony said...

Well I wouldn't agree to Immigrants having a right to overthrow anything in the U.S. but I can have compassion & an understanding of thier cause.

It would be hope they would have respect for the traditions of our nation, respect for our flag and a realistic relization that we are a nation of laws.

As an American my first consideration goes to poor Americans that need these jobs, and immigrants that followed appropriate procdures in entering the United States.

Nick said...

A country has a duty to secure it’s borders and to enact laws ( and enforce them ) to control the flow of people, who are not citizens, into its territories. The United States has failed to do both for a long period of time and we arrive at the situation we have today. The illegal immigration issues for either side is broken down in many different ways to suit what ever side you are on. Often the word “illegal” is left off and you are left with an immigration issues which is not the problem at all.

On one hand people talk about poor mothers and kids who do not get enough to eat or live a miserable life. They say that these people need, or better yet, deserver a better life. So it is wrong to prevent them from going where ever they want to get this better life. Laws ,they say, should be broken if it helps a family to do better. I am all about helping a person or family to do better, the world can afford that. But to say a country should ( and that is what many want ) just open their gates for a third of another countries population for the sake of a better life is another matter. Some would believe that the right for a human being to live better is much greater then an countries laws

Even when the term “illegal” is used in the discussion it is normally followed with a “so what”. As in where would American be if not for these illegal? Who would take the jobs no American wants? Who would pick our crops, build our houses, and do low wage manual labor? As if to say “Hey, we got you guys now. What would you do with out us?” I have heard it said that “They would not come over here if we did not need them so much”. As if to say that it is partly our fault. The question of law does not even come into play when they speak of these poor people