Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NSA Domestic Surveillance Program

I quote the White House:

"I think that where these Democrats who are calling for this ought to spend their time is on what was the source of the unauthorized disclosure of this vital, incredible program in the war on terrorism," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said. "I really don't think there is any basis for a special counsel. ... But the fact that this information was disclosed about the existence of this program has given the enemy some of our playbook."

This matter must be discussed in context of the public having knowledge of what the government is doing and in matters where secrecy is needed via the Congress. These elected representatives of the people should be as privileged to such information as White House, intelligence or military officials.

Whistle blower laws also shield and encourage government employees to reveal such information.

No act within the U.S. Government should be done in the dark without at the least oversight of Congress. The only involvement of Congress is this specific program were vague reports to a few in leadership. It is absurd to hold the position that the White House can authorize such a program side sipping the Courts, the stated rule of law, and circumventing Congress.

Not only is such an authorization absurd, but it is illegal, unethical, criminal and un American.


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