Friday, March 31, 2006

The Price of Gas

Just today the price of gas has reached $2.73 in Sarasota, FL. A $.10 cent jump in one day.

This I believe, the rise in gas prices is not the economic market at play. It is not because of the cost of refining oil. It is not based on the principles of supply and demand. The reason is simple. The Oil Industries is criminally ripping every America citizen off! Just a few years ago the price for a gallon of gas was $1 buck. Can you afford to pay 3 times more for your normal trips? I sure as hell cannot.

What measures can we the people take when we’re are being ripped off? Our money says “In God we Trust”. Trust what? I tell you what; for the government to enforce fairness & justice especially in business & commerce. However our present government is not “Godly”, they are corrupt. Our government continues to fail to represent us. Every U.S. State and District Attorney should be investigating and suing Oil companies. All state governors and the President should be calling for Congressional regulation of the oil industry.

Here locally, I hope to organize protest at gas stations and even the offices of private citizens that own large shares in Oil Companies. I call for individuals to do the same. All I’m calling for is fair business and fair gas prices. What we’re seeing now is price gauging and frankly when this begins to hit peoples pocket books mixed with all the other crap going on with our government there may be an unexpected back lash to the detriment of Oil companies.

This is nation founded on people standing up for their rights and fair protections for their money. Remember the Boston tea Party? I believe its time for the people to take direct action against these Oil Companies carrying on the rebellious legacy of the settlers of our great nation. Big

Business is only out to turn a profit and the government is in different and helping them. CEO and stock holder efforts to seek profits which should balanced with fair prices, and consideration of the good of the public. A basic principle, of markets and trading not a far fetch idea. The cost place don consumers over the cost of production. The Oil Industry has been posting raced profits in the Billions ever quarter. Companies that simply break even are doing good. This clearly shows their prices are artificially inflated, literally ripping the American people off.

Too many things are costing more today than just a couple years ago. Hell in Florida insurance prices are rising. When the heck is Big Business gonna realize they have drained the pocket books of the average citizen enough? Even the government is out to get your money & disposal income, that is why there were proposed changes to Social Security.

Its all about disposal income. Big business wants your money, and so does the government. We have to stand up against these criminals.


Anonymous said...

hi im an economics student and i just taught it funny how you said you could not afford to pay for 'gas', cause if your still using the same amount you oviously can still afford it?

Anthony said...

No, I cut back on how much I drive.