Sunday, April 23, 2006

Eliminating Abortions: Gods’ work or Politics

Is preventing abortions the will of God or simple politics? This is the crucial question in regards to overturning Roe v. Wade.

USA Today’s Susan Page reports the nation is ambiguously divided on the 1973 Supreme Court Case Roe v. Wade. The court case which established the Right to Privacy including ‘a women’s right to terminate her pregnancy’.

Page breaks the States down into 3 categories:
States likely to protect access to abortion- 16
States likely to significantly restrict access to abortion - 22
States in the middle-12

USA Today Gallup Poll states that 60% Americans oppose bans on abortion rights by State. 36% of Americans support such bans.

Christianity possessions a central tenant across denominations holding that an individual freely chooses their Faith. Why then does the Christian Right community find it difficult to transfer this same idea of personal choice to private decisions. Religious liberty is a prime example. Surely, Baptist would not accept being legally forced to worship the same way as a Catholic does simply because the Catholics may be the Faith presently holding political power.

Conservatives today seem to have the goal of micro-managing and interfering in the private matters of individuals and families. The Bible, the word of God does not clearly allude to abortion therefore the division caused by this issue has no religious merit.

Nor I do not believe it is a justifiable mission for the Church to divert resources to wage a political campaign against abortion.

What Would Jesus do? Or a more precise question, What would Jesus have us do?

When I speak of our Church I am referring to all Christian based faiths: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants, Baptist, Methodist, Adventist, Evangelist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Jehovah Witness, Non-Denominational, and the Jewish community respective fully.

An appropriate approach for the Church would be to lessen situations where a mother must choose to abort her child.

An appropriate approach for the Church is to improve conditions of families in poor communities economically and through education.

In a utopian society there would be no situation where an unwanted child is conceived.

In a utopian society there would be no situation where a parent(s) could not care for their child.

Why not are these goals not the mission of the Church?

While religious institutions engage in divisive political goals lacking of sincere compassion for all life, where assassins of abortion doctors are breeding generations of children are being left behind. These same ‘Conservatives’ advocate cutting government funding for social services that care for these children and funding for educational and schools to develop them into becoming productive citizens.

These divisive political goals are utterly in contradiction to the teachings of the Bible, and the ‘Conservatives’ professed compassion for life.

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"What Would Jesus do? Or a more precise question, What would Jesus have us do?"

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