Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Marines Massacre Iraqi Civilians?

The question is not did U.S. Marines kill innocent Iraqi children, but it is how many more innocent civilians are being killed?

What right, policy, or justification does America have in this incident in Iraq. I see none. This was a War of Choice which from the beginning barely a majority of U.S. citizens were opposed too.

U.S. Rep. Colonel Jack Murtha said U.S. Marines Kill Iraqi Civilians "in Cold Blood" .

Under the leadership of Mr. G.W. Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld and General Casey this War of Choice continues to produce results of failure and incompetence. A CEO for any company would have been FIRED long ago for such a record.

More to come....

ABC Report:

Time Report:

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Continued Violence in Iraq/Washington Times Report:

Fighting for Homeless Vets

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that as many as 400,000 American military veterans are homeless at least part of the time. And veterans of America's latest wars are adding to those numbers.

It's estimated that hundreds of recently returned veterans of the war in Iraq are living on the streets.

Herold Noel, an Iraq war veteran who found himself suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder -- and living out of his car in Brooklyn -- is the focal point of Dan Lohaus' documentary When I Came Home.

The film follows the stories of homeless veterans from the Vietnam War to the present conflicts, and the growing effort to address their needs.

NPR Report:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Bush tells working folk to go to hell"

Dobbs: Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell
By Lou DobbsCNN

Wednesday, May 24, 2006; Posted: 12:30 p.m. EDT (16:30 GMT)
Editor's note: Lou Dobbs' commentary appears every Wednesday on CNN.com.

Lou Dobbs says President Bush and Congress are part of an "elitist war on the middle class"

NEW YORK (CNN) -- President Bush says that the installation of the new Iraqi government was a "watershed event," but at the same time warns Americans of the challenges and loss as we continue to prosecute the war against Iraqi insurgents. Sen. Harry Reid declares that legislation that would render English the national language is racist.

Thirty-seven Democrats vote for full amnesty for all illegal aliens in this country, even though nobody really knows whether the number is 11 million, 12 million or 20 million. The Senate Republican leadership demands that a "comprehensive immigration reform" plan must be passed before this Memorial Day weekend. And the president signs into law a tax cut that raises taxes on the educational funds of teenagers saving for college.

Never before in our country's history have both the president and Congress been so out of touch with most Americans. Never before have so few of our elected officials and corporate leaders been less willing to commit to the national interest. And never before has our nation's largest constituent group -- some 200 million middle-class Americans -- been without representation in our nation's capital George W. Bush's approval ratings have slumped to the lowest of his presidency. The approval rating for Congress is even lower, and nearly three-quarters of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

But what is our government doing about that? The president is staying the course in Iraq and apparently demanding little of his generals to create a new, far more effective strategy for urgent success. Of course, he also wants a guest-worker program and amnesty of millions of illegal aliens. And Congress, faced with midterm elections in just over five months, is intent on giving the president what he wants and telling working men and women and their families, American citizens all, to go to hell.

Illegal aliens are more important to this Congress than securing our borders and our ports, more important than those legal immigrants who have waited in line and who follow the law. The Senate has added to the litany of lunacy that makes up what it calls reform: Illegal aliens would only have to pay back taxes on three of the past five years, they will not be prosecuted for felonies such as identity theft or purchasing or using fraudulent Social Security cards, and unlike millions of visa holders who have to leave the country to have them renewed, they may simply remain in the United States while this Congress and this president give away all the benefits and privileges of American citizenship.

This is an outright assault in the elitist war on the middle class. And working men and women who've already borne the pain of losing good-paying manufacturing jobs and having middle-class jobs outsourced to cheap foreign labor markets are faced with the onslaught of more illegal immigration and cheap labor into the American economy. This president and Congress talk about bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows while they turn out the lights on our middle class.

President Bush and his most trusted advisers tell us how well our economy is doing, how many jobs have been created and how so-called free trade will enrich the lives of the same people whose livelihoods these policies are destroying.

It's hard not to think of the trusted adviser to Catherine the Great who sought to hide from her the embarrassing and shoddy condition of Ukrainian and Crimean villages by having elaborate facades built to divert her attention and to mask an uncomfortable reality. I don't know whether Karl Rove is President Bush's Grigori Potemkin or whether George Bush has created Potemkin villages all by himself. But the facades are cracking, and phony fronts of failed policies are quickly crumbling.

Six thousand unarmed National Guardsmen working as adjunct rear support to our undermanned, under-equipped Border Patrol is not border security. Three million illegal aliens continue to cross our borders and depress wages by hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The millions of manufacturing and middle-class jobs lost over the last five years have been replaced by lower-wage employment.

The president's faith-based commitment to so-called free trade will likely lead to a $1 trillion U.S. current account deficit this year and a trade debt of $4.5 trillion after 30 years of trade deficits. And while the president and Congress point to No Child Left Behind as a solution to our educational crisis, we're failing an entire generation of Americans whose test scores continue to fall and whose high school dropout rates would be embarrassing to a third-world country.

And a third-world country is what we will be if our elected officials don't soon come to their senses.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Next American Idol

C&B is taking a break from politics to discuss the next American Idol.

My vote always went to Paris whom was voted off then I voted for Elliot. Paris, a bright young African American woman, and Elliot, a deserving young man who endured many medical problems as a child. Both of these contestants would have made great Idols unfortunately the most deserving hardly ever win in America.

It is now down to Kat and Taylor. Let’s see hat happens.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Time to Call Bush on Lawbreaking

By Jesse Jackson
The Chicago Sun-Times
Tuesday 16 May 2006

"The National Security Agency has created "the largest database ever" with the phone records of millions of Americans provided to the NSA by AT&T, Verizon and Bell South for a price. The NSA says it used the records to trace patterns - data mining - in the hunt for terrorists. The agency got neither warrants nor permission from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. As Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter admitted, the FISA law "has been violated." But that's not all that is violated.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects the privacy and liberty of Americans. It says the government can't search or seize you without a warrant issued on probable cause to believe you are involved in a crime. This right is the line between a democracy and a police state, where the state can search or seize at will. That is the line that the NSA program erased.

President Bush authorized the program and defends it. "We are not trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans," he said last week. How do we know? The court set up to provide warrants has been ignored. The law set up to regulate the system has been trampled. How do we know the president is telling the truth? Trust us, he says.

Trust the president who led us into Iraq on the basis of disinformation and misinformation? Trust the president who just weeks ago told us the NSA program involved only international calls with al-Qaida? The same president who said he'd fire anyone in the White House who helped leak the identity of Valerie Plame, the undercover CIA employee whose husband helped expose Bush's lies about Iraq's nuclear capacity? Now, with Karl Rove in the center of the effort to discredit Wilson and out Plame, the president says he has no comment on a continuing criminal investigation.

This isn't a routine Washington dustup. This concerns the trampling of the Fourth Amendment by the government and the sale of our privacy by the phone companies. And it isn't an isolated case. Bush, along with Vice President Dick Cheney, who is the major force behind this thing, believes the president acts above the law in the war on terror. He claims the right to make war without a congressional declaration; to surveil Americans without warrant; to arrest us without probable cause; to hold us without a hearing; to deny us the right to counsel or even to hear the charges against us if the government decides, on the basis of evidence they need not produce, to tag us as accomplices in the war on terror.

Now most Americans would gladly sacrifice some of our liberties if it would increase our security against another Sept. 11. Bush counts on that feeling when he acts above the law. But the entire fabric of our freedom is woven into a system of checks and balances.

Here, all the checks and balances have been tossed aside. Qwest, the only honorable phone company, refused to cooperate with the NSA in this program without a warrant or permission from the FISA Court. NSA refused to produce either; the FISA court was ignored. The NSA and the administration have simply refused to supply information to Congress, and the lame Republican Congress has refused to hold them accountable. When the Justice Department's independent Office of Professional Responsibility opened an investigation on the lawyers who signed off the program, the White House refused to provide the secrecy clearances needed to have the investigation go forward. "Trust us," the president says, and then he ensures that we have no choice but to trust him, since every legal check and balance is locked out.

It is time for accountability. Two public-interest lawyers have sued Verizon for $5 billion for violating the law, which should force the administration to defend the program before an independent court. Don't hold your breath for this Congress to hold hearings. But Democrats should stand up and promise an in-depth series of investigations of this administration and its lawlessness - from Halliburton's making off with billions in sole-source contracts to the cesspool of hidden prisons to the trampling of liberties at home.

We wage the war on al-Qaida terrorists in defense of our freedoms. We'd better make certain this administration isn't shredding those freedoms along the way."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

National Security Conversation

The Conservative attempts to circumvent laws such as the 4th Amendment, & the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act justified only by asserting these changes are in the name of national Security is absurd, illegal, unaccountable, and unethical.

Laws must be followed with no deviation. National Security is not justification enough to support creating new programs, first without Congressional approval.

The laws must be changed first.

ALL policy should not be based on public opinion. The founders of our nation intended to secure freedoms for all Americans not simply a mob majority rule. That is why all States have equal representation within the Senate. They were intelligent enough to foretell corrupt people abusing their powers like we see now.

If the NSA & CIA cannot act within the Law then hell yes there operations need to be brought into the Sunshine.

Every agency within the U.S. government must be held accountable. There must be Checks and Balances at all levels.

The full Congress is not even aware of the activities of such agencies.

This is unacceptable within the United States of America.

An elected member of Congress is just as privileged to intelligence information as a 4 Star General. It is through this oversight that Congress is charged to do, that WE the people exercise our American birthright of democracy.

****With ZERO exception any surveillance upon a U.S. citizen must follow the book, not some ad-hoc program created in the name of National Security!!!

Gen. Michael V. Hayden

Explanation of Warrantless Surveillance:

Friday, May 12, 2006

Gen. Hayden is Not fit to Head CIA

Any member of Congress that votes to confirm General Hayden to head the CIA will be ending their political career.

Hayden directed the NSA’s Domestic Surveillance program, and also directed the collection of millions of U.S. phone calls for customers of AT&T Corp., MCI, Sprint, Verizon Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corp.

His role in these operations makes him an unacceptable candidate to continue to serve the American people.

The complexity of these issues are political HOT!

The matter of General Hayden’s involvement with 2 NSA Programs whose Constitutionality are in question is paramount to his appointment. These programs have not been proved to be legal because the Republicans refuse to allow for real investigations.

Furthermore it has not been made clear that the rules of FISA Courts are followed when surveillance is being conducted on a U.S. citizens. My position has been clear from the beginning. When it come to U.S. citizens the book must be followed zero exceptions.

It does not matter what opinion polls say, as public servants these people swear an oath to Executive the laws established by Congress not to make them. It was my understanding that traditional Conservatives too would support such my position.

This all began with Joe Wilson and his wife Valarie Plame, an CIA agent and has led us to a point where the position of the Directorship of the CIA is of great concern to the American public. The CIA and NSA both organization whom once held the complete trust and of the of the public, now whose operations both in sever question.

Years ago I had a gut feeling the moment that President Bush said in his State of the Union Speech “that terrorist were obtaining yellow cake uranium from Africa” that something was deadly wrong with Bush and his administration. An African nation who can barely produce food nether less high grade nuclear material.

All of these issues are connected and my gut tells me if we had an Attorney General other than friend of G.W. Bush Gonzalez that many more government officials besides Scooter “Loose-Lips” Libby would be indicted.
Administration policy is so corrupt that certain legal matters must be addressed:

"When sensitive intelligence is leaked it effects national security G.W. Bush". Mr. Bush authorizes the leak of classified information himself for political reasons, not reasons of National Security so this statement is clearly a contradiction.

My concern is the definition of sensitive.

Why is Congress asking for information from AT& T, Bell south and Verizon opposed to getting it directly from Executive Branch.?

Information is being collected on persons with known links to terrorist.
My concern is the definition of links.

WH on NSA Phone logs:

USA Today:

Hayden’s Words:

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Price of Gas: Part IV

Gasoline Prices - How Are Gasoline Prices Normally Calculated?

Crude Oil 49%
Federal/State/Local Taxes 26%
Refining 15%
Marketing/Distribution/Profits 10%


Crude Oil is the greatest factor in determining Gas Prices. So why when Crude Oil goes down a buck or $2 our prices at the pump contines to go up like .10 cent a week?

I believe its Greed & Corruption.

Even the Republican Attorney General of Florida is implying that price gouging may be in play.


As for Congress, let me tell you something. These Republicans in charge in Washington D.C have sold out the government and forgotten their trust to the people. This Corrupt Congress passed some crazy bill allowing for fines upon Oil Companies for price manipulation, but failed to define the terms for determining such manipulation. Come on!!!

Mr. G.W. Bush is simply absent.

Come November 2006 these folk are going to be greatly surprised. I predict the entire House will be overturned because of these gas prices not to mention a few dozen other things. This is a much greater political crisis than the Iraq War because it effects all Americans right in their bank accounts.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Price of Gas: Part III

This crisis with the price of gas is far to crucial to not respond to out right lies given by politicians and greedy Oil Executives.

This is what I know and have observed.

There seems to be Two Americas. The poor to middle class and the well off. Some say Liberals and Conservatives. Personally I have observed there is also a segment of citizens whom cannot traditionally be called Conservatives because they do not care about spending or accountability for Republicans. They tend to identify as Conservatives, I would call them Radical Christians whom put aside intellectual reason and put their trust in what they hear coming from the Government even though fact are contrary.

The division of America by conservative leaders is no accident.

I respect & work with many of these Radical Conservatives. One day while discussing gas prices 1 of them said that this something we’ll have to live with for 3 more years as stated by a G.W. Bush official.

I strongly disagree because I believe we are being cheated by the Oil Industry.

You see a person like myself when I hear such comments from the government remembers when gas was just a buck $1.50 3 years ago. I remember when Hurricane Katrina was used as an excuse for high gas prices. I know for a fact that supply has actually increased approximately 15%. If you understand economics & the markets, the reason given by politicians & Oil Executives, this increase in supply should have decreased the price of gas. When I see that Oil Companies have posted record profits so high they could pay the National annual deficit of America I know that too much is wrong.

Too me it is like a used car salesman trying to sell you lemon. We the American people, have a bunch of lemons running our government in Washington D.C. and our State capitals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Radical Conservative, Conservative, Liberal, Independent. You need transportation, our children’s schools need these moneys in the class room not all spent on gas for buses, and we ALL deserve to the ability to save our hard earned income not give it too greedy excessive Oil companies CEO’s.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Florida Politics: Governor ‘s Race

I predict that Rod Smith- Democrat and Charlie Crist- Republican will be the contenders to be the next governor of Florida.

Both men are addressing crucial issues to citizens utilizing their current respective positions.

Smith has proposed election reforms such as verified voting & measures to restore confidence in the new electronic voting systems.

Crist is discussing investigations of Oil Companies and price gaulging.

Both issues are very important to Floridians. The candidate which is most successful in their efforts will cause many swing voters to support them.

My initial oppostion to Charlie Crist was that he was not using his position as Florida Attorney General to purse the Oil Companies. This could be a major Democratic campaign strategy against him. His recent moves shows that he is aware of this lack of action. This may be the issue that wins the election.

More to come…….

Rod Smith:

Charlie Crist:

Money for Iraq: A Must Pass Bill?

There is no Bill that is immune to being rejected. We now constantly hear of funding for the Wars in Iraq and on Terror as “must pass bills”.

The proposed Emergency & Supplemental Spending for Iraq must be rejected.

In addition there are several other financial matters to discuss.

Congressmen are pressured to “bring home the bacon” to their home districts by abusing earmarks. In my opinion there’s no more bacon left. Its time to cut back on government spending, not from already stripped domestic programs but from the Dept. of Defense, the Iraq War, Congressional earmarks, and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Soaring gas prices are also related to the corruption in Congress. The current fiscal irresponsibility is related to corruption and void of moral accountability.

Lobbyist have more access & influence to government than everyday citizens.

A prime example of such a lack of accountability is the former WH House Budget Director Josh Bolten who oversaw the current deficit spending now being promoted to WH Chief of Staff. Personally I viewed Bolten give a presentation on the budget where he expressed concerns about the deficit but entirely ignored the cost of supplemental & emergency upon the deficit.

“I’m the Decider”

“I’m the Decider”

These words from Mr. G.W. Bush reminds me of a quote from South Park by Eric Cartman, 'Respect My Authority! '

Bush might as well have said “I’m the Dictator”.

End the Iraq War

U.S. Troops Wounded
May 1, 2003 542
Today 17,469

U.S. Troops Killed
May 1, 2003 139
Today 2,400

Size of U.S. Forces
May 1, 2003 150,000
Today 132,000

Size of Iraqi Security Forces
May 1, 2003 7,000-9000
Today 250,500

Number of Insurgents
May 1, 2003 5,000
Today 15,000-20,000

Insurgent Attacks Per Day
May 1, 2003 8
Today 75

Cost to U.S. Taxpayers
May 1, 2003 $79 billion
Today $320 billion

Approval of Bush’s Handling of Iraq
May 1, 2003 75%
Today 37%

Percentage of Americans who Believe The Iraq War Was “Worth Fighting”
May 1, 2003 70%
Today 41%

Bush’s Overall Job Approval
May 1, 2003 71%
Today 38%

Information from Daily Kos & ThinkProgress.org

This War in Iraq has been the central goal of the Republican controlled government. However a goal that is no longer embraced by the American people. This War must be ended immediately so that the United States can move forward with its economy and mending its deep political divisions. I do not agree with Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s statement that “the United States is on the brink of civil war“, however the severity of the polarity of current U.S. society has not been as such in decades.

After having a conversation with a former soldier he says all troops in Iraq could be removed in 3 months.