Monday, May 01, 2006

Florida Politics: Governor ‘s Race

I predict that Rod Smith- Democrat and Charlie Crist- Republican will be the contenders to be the next governor of Florida.

Both men are addressing crucial issues to citizens utilizing their current respective positions.

Smith has proposed election reforms such as verified voting & measures to restore confidence in the new electronic voting systems.

Crist is discussing investigations of Oil Companies and price gaulging.

Both issues are very important to Floridians. The candidate which is most successful in their efforts will cause many swing voters to support them.

My initial oppostion to Charlie Crist was that he was not using his position as Florida Attorney General to purse the Oil Companies. This could be a major Democratic campaign strategy against him. His recent moves shows that he is aware of this lack of action. This may be the issue that wins the election.

More to come…….

Rod Smith:

Charlie Crist:


Anonymous said...

Rod Smith cosponsored the bill in 2001 that eliminated paper ballots in the first place. His interest in voting reform is an election year pander. Much like his sudden interest in teacher pay, he has never had an interest in these issues before and if he wasnt running for governor, you would not hear anything coming from him on these issues.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Smith can possibly win the primary against Davis. He may have the better ideas (may), but Davis has an edge on him when it comes to two very important things: 1) He's outfundraising the guy, and 2) Democratic voters are lining up behind Davis in droves...

I'm not saying he's the better candidate for the general, I just don't see how Davis can lose to Smith, barring some incredible scandal, or his death

Anthony said...
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Anthony said...

I agree Jim Davis is the front runner.

However as a member of the Democratic Party I honestly do not believe we should risk loosing another election by nominating someone whom will run a campaign in the style Jim Davis is.

I’m a new comer to the Party have observed the DEMS are in the business of loosing. And WE continue to set ourselves up for failure.

Frankly, Davis is not sincere and his campaign strategy is watered down John Kerry-like.

A weak loosing strategy.

Smith on the other hand is obviously fighting hard to gain ground. This is the campaign style we must have to beat a Republican like Crist.

I believe the DEMS can win but not on fundraising but on turning out the vote.

Smith has the ability to inspire such a turn out.

Davis in my opinion puts you to sleep.

Now can Davis turn out a large vote in Tampa? Can Davis beat the Republican in Miami, Orlando and Tallahassee? Who can take the vote in Jacksonville and the Panhandle?

And Hell why not consider putting up Debbie Wasserman Schultz
to run fro Governor?