Monday, May 01, 2006

Money for Iraq: A Must Pass Bill?

There is no Bill that is immune to being rejected. We now constantly hear of funding for the Wars in Iraq and on Terror as “must pass bills”.

The proposed Emergency & Supplemental Spending for Iraq must be rejected.

In addition there are several other financial matters to discuss.

Congressmen are pressured to “bring home the bacon” to their home districts by abusing earmarks. In my opinion there’s no more bacon left. Its time to cut back on government spending, not from already stripped domestic programs but from the Dept. of Defense, the Iraq War, Congressional earmarks, and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Soaring gas prices are also related to the corruption in Congress. The current fiscal irresponsibility is related to corruption and void of moral accountability.

Lobbyist have more access & influence to government than everyday citizens.

A prime example of such a lack of accountability is the former WH House Budget Director Josh Bolten who oversaw the current deficit spending now being promoted to WH Chief of Staff. Personally I viewed Bolten give a presentation on the budget where he expressed concerns about the deficit but entirely ignored the cost of supplemental & emergency upon the deficit.

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