Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter: Chief Talking Head

Self proclaim “Conservative” Ann Coulter had the audacity to disrespect the honorable widows of 9/11 Victims.

She claims that liberals are sending out “humane shields to make political points”. How absurd, these are free American citizens whom have the right to speak their mind. These specific women from New Jersey happen to be liberal and also victims of 9/11. They are not talking heads part of some political establishment as Ann Coulter is.

It angers me at how Conservatives, whom hold the reigns of Power, continue to attempt to silence and discredit those that oppose their “heart less” agenda.

I’m happy that the Honorable Senator Hilary R. Clinton called her out.

Ann Coulters remarks have greatly diminished her already dubious credibility.

CNN Reports:

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