Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Defending the New York Times

These Republicans in charge of Congress and the White House are corrupt idiots.

President G.W. Bush, Attorney general Gonzalez, Press Secretary Tony Snow and Senator Peter King have made comments alluding too legal action against the New York Times for simply providing information to the public.

Straight to the point, such an action would not be supported by George Washington himself. This move by Mr. G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney screams of a cover-up. Freedom of the Press supercedes all issues, and trumps concerns of Security even during war times except in the case when such reports seek to or causes harm.

The reporting on a program that may impede on the Rights of Privacy and the civil liberties of U.S. citizens is clearly acceptable and responsible.

The primary concern with this program and the NSA wire tapping program is evident. How are these programs used upon U.S. citizens? U.S. are provided rights & protections as outlined within the Constitution. The government cannot use the same programs and procedures on a U.S. citizen as it does on a foreign person linked to terrorist.

What, and how many other controversial programs is the Administration attempting too hide. What laws have they broken that they are seeking to hide form the People. If the Administration were operating within the word of the Law then the need to keep these programs secret would not be present. If the Administration were operating within the word of the Law then regular citizens whom work for the government would not be compelled to reveal these programs to the public.

These actions bring me to the conclusion the G.W. Bush Administration has several programs that maybe blatantly illegal.

The true patriots in these matters are the U.S. citizens who risk loosing their jobs to protect the Constitution. I pray that all civil servants whom are asked to perform a task they believe to be illegal and outside the Constitution to report it.

Our nation is founded not on the principle of a powerful president but on Freedoms & Liberty. Key is freedom of the free press.

The President and especially Mr. Dick Cheney insist on operating in secrecy. Congress has to do its job in providing oversight to such ‘secret; programs.

These Republicans should be ashamed. They believe that covering their asses is more important than respecting the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold.

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