Friday, June 23, 2006

USA Election Reforms Needed

C&B urges Congress & State legislators to act in:

Making Law that all Election Officials (Supervisors of Elections and Secretaries of States) are non-partisan professional positions.

Improving ALL electronic voting systems: providing zero room for error, in addition it is definitely not unreasonable to be able to easily audit these systems.

Make it easier for U.S. citizens to vote. Disenfranchisement especially in African American communities was far too excessively used by the Republican Party. Every eligible citizen’s vote should be counted. If someone has an ID and is registered to vote therefore being deemed eligible should have their vote counted. With all this technology why can’t it be this simple?

Should there be made LAW recourse for a citizen whose vote was not counted when it should have been?

Party officials whom seek to discard the vote of an eligible citizen should be put in jail. Public officials whom do not assure that every vote is counted should also be put in jail.

I heard of a story in Jacksonville Florida where an African American whom happened to serve in the military was designated an ineligible voter. He however was eligible to vote. His vote was never counted. Partisan politics should NEVER be allowed to enter into America’s voting system! Reforms must be made.

Get involved, sign the below petition:

Petition for Verified Paper Ballots in Sarasota County:

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