Monday, August 14, 2006

Iraq, Iraq, Iraq.

I heard someone describe the War in Iraq as "reinforced failure".

Observing this whole situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, one cannot ignore the Administration at fault.

Our presence in the Middle East is tantamount to putting our face into a nest of hornets.

The G.W. Bush Administration is utterly plagued with failures and lack of skill. In 7 years Bush has almost gambled away the respected reputation of the United States of America.

I propose this: besides supporting Israel the U.S. should completely leave the Middle East, bringing home the military by 2007.

Its time for change.


Bruce Larson*Moore said...


As the bombs and rockets fly, many people see there is no rational why, petty squabbles of turf and greed, nothing to gain, no way to succeed, label the other terrorist, barbarian, evil men, the only difference is the size of their weapons.

This war on terror is only serving to make some wealthy and create a highly organized, highly trained, highly motivated global gorilla war machine, which now has the ability to strike any time, any where and hold the most modern and advanced military forces on the planet in a game of smoke and mirrors, for as long as they please.

And that gorilla force will bleed its wealthy and arrogant foe until their financial coffers split at the seems, with a cold and heartless war in which everything dies.

What a Terror-ible Victory claimed by both sides, this is the one truth they share with all.

* * *

Show*Me the way to war and i will show you the way toward peace,

Show*Me your fear and i will show you the illusion which deceives you,

Show*Me hate and i will show you the way to shower it clean with love,

Show*Me that which corrupts you and i will show you that which is incorruptible,

Show*Me the path which divides you and i will show you a mere line, drawn in the shifting sands of fear.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
The Last*War

Bruce Larson*Moore said...

opps ! that would be a "guerilla force", don't want to diss all the innocent gorillas out there ;)