Tuesday, September 05, 2006

DEMS must Call Out the Republicans

To Win, Democrats especially in Florida must step outside of their comfort zone and challenge Republicans head on.

This “Democratic comfort zone” has not won elections since Bill Clinton. The Progressives of the Party may not necessarily turn out to vote and if they do they may vote for a 3rd party candidate. The Progressives of the Democratic Party most definitely in this year’s election cannot be counted on because they may not vote for a candidate who supports the Iraq War.

In addition, the Republicans have sucked up yes small but strategically significant demographics such as business and religious interest within the Hispanic and African American communities.

The DEMS must then grow its base.

Democrats must articulate their position on the following:

The Iraq War
Homeland Security
The Economy

Changes to current Immigration Policy in reality is not of great concern to the majority of DEMS, however it is to Republicans. This is where the DEMS can win not just swing votes but the support of those who usually vote for the GOP.

I personally believe that in light of the current political climate if a Democrat runs solely on these 4 issues presenting a better plan than their Republican opponent they will win.

I've attended many Democratic functions and have heard folk say “democrats will always win on the issues". The fact is the DEMS have not won in Florida.

It is apparent that after loosing 2 important consecutive elections that a more coherent message along with directly calling out the Republicans will win for the Democratic Party.

This calling out is not the same as negative campaign tactics attacking your opponent.

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