Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dubai Still Owns U.S. Ports

Six months ago, Dubai Ports World reached an agreement with Congress to sell its North American operations to a U.S.-based firm within four to six months. Six months later, the company still owns those ports, but says it will sell soon. Democrats say they will make it a campaign issue if a sale isn¿t completed before the November elections.



The GW Bush Administration in its support of Dubai have placed its goal of privatization above that of the general security of the American people. From my observation the American people do not want a Middle Eastern firm having partial nor complete control over any USA port.

Numerous reports have shown that Americas ports are the nations weakest points on Security, that millions of packages enter the country unchecked. Putting such port points of entry in the control of a Muslim Middle East based corporation is not a good idea.

Furthermore on the economic front, Americans want to keep as many jobs in the hands pf American firms.

Let me tell you something. The true colors of GW Bush is not a sincere concern for national Security but an suspect obsessive interest for certain business affiliations, corporations and the wealthy.

Look for yourself, GW Bush spoke on National television to assist DuBai Ports but offered no assistance to the American company Ford Motor Company. This is why I call GW Bush’s actions suspect.

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Bruce Larson*Moore said...

The privatization of all government and private sector affairs is the long term republican based corporate agenda.

The main tactic is to use wars and conflicts to funnel the major portion of federal dollars to a small group of individuals, and place the taxpayer in debt to those corporations for decades to come.

Another tactic is to bleed the states of service money by supporting ballot initiatives which take tax dollars away from projects which could easily be privatized. This puts the option of privatization nearer the top of the list when state government is looking to reduce its budget.

Though there will be short term savings, the long term effect will be a top down system that has little or no ability to control or keep tabs on the spending of its tax dollars.

Security, and Peace are not compatible with the current goals of the Military Industrial Complex and until those goals are changed the battles will continue.