Tuesday, September 05, 2006

National Security: What Would the Democrats Do?

Frankly, I do not believe National Security would have been the focal point or shall be the focus of a Democratic administration.

I wrote this post in anticipation of the Congressional elections of 2006 and the Presidential election of 2008 in hope of persuading more Republicans to vote for Democrats. If at all for the purpose of restoring political balance back within the government of our great nation.

The nearest example of what the Democrats would do is clear in the 8 year jubilee led by the Honorable President Bill Clinton of Arkansas. This is too long ago to remember so I give an example of a current great world leader.

I would ask for those of you who sincerely have no clue of what a Democrat would do too visualize Tony Blair. While Great Britain has been bombed and has foiled terrorist attacks, do you know what the focus of Honorable Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration is?

Tony Blair’s focus is on Anti-Social Behavior. On the other hand his approach to the War on Terror is through law enforcement.

This is how the Democrats would govern.

They would focus on Domestic needs of the American people first while realistically providing for the National Security.

I know I’m not making this up because I remember how Bill Clinton placed an emphasized and invested more money into law enforcement and the War he did pure in Kosovo, we went in did our job and left. And while doing so the USA engaged in international corporation, and utilized the UN, NATO, and troops from other countries. I vaguely remember John Kerry also speaking of a more law enforcement approach to fighting the War on Terror.

This is how the Democrats would govern and it worked then and is working in Great Britain.

Now back to Tony Blair. He is seeking to have teachers pick up on signs of anti-social behavior in children in order to ward off such actions early on.

At the same time our President George W. Bush is giving numerous speeches about the War on Terror and staying the course in Iraq.

Why not does Great Britain, nor Russia, nor China, nor France, nor Germany have 100,000 plus troops in Iraq?

Why then is the USA draining its economy in the Middle East?

The American people are crying out against this War in Iraq, worried about the economy, the government is negligent on Domestic needs: Faith Based and Community Grants, Schools, Energy Prices, Social Services, the response to Natural Disasters, jobs, benefits and wages, healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare and other general cost of living.

Healthcare in the USA simply must be reformed. When someone who has employer insurance still has little access and options, what of that person whom does not have this benefit? Money must be removed from the equation.

How dare those in Washington D.C. state the federal government has little role in responding to such events as last years Hurricane Katrina. If our government fails the people in such a basic need, my lord. Then what is the role of government? The question is what are the priorities of this administration? And are these priorities in line with the desires of the American people?

These are the bread and butter issues. How much more sacrifice does the Bush Family and the countless other rich families in America want for the working class to make before these policy cease?

President George Washington dedicated his life to the creation of our great nation in order to provide for the common good of the free people of the United States of America. Now George W. Bush and his ‘administrators’ are seeking to rewrite the book itself.

I recount how Bush talked about Saddam Hussein in saying “he tried to kill my father”. And how far fetched it may sound I think of how Bush tried to take my Social Security.

Where is the common good in policy where everything is private? There is reason and purpose for government in providing for its citizens. It seems that some are seeking to establish a state where the benefit of being an American citizen is no different than being a citizen of Afghanistan.

Just today President Bush gave another speech on the War in Iraq where he repeated exactly the same things he has been saying for years.

Our country has been gravely misdirected and it has been far too many Bush years passed a time for change.

Blair’s campaign against Anti-Social Behavior:

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