Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christians & Global Warming

Checks & Balances Blog has recently joined Christian Bloggers. We are happy to be in the mix.

The question now is if Christians are emphatic about being political involved, what issues they should focus upon. I do not believe the Christian communities’ political interest lies in being involved in personal & private health matters such the case of Terro Schiavo.

Our interest and the integrity of our faith would be best served by taking up Global Warming. One cannot ignore that God placed man on Earth to take care of what he created. Adam placed in the Garden of Eden was to be a steward of and have dominion over the planet.

Please notice the simplicity of this illustration. Adam was placed in a garden where it was God’s intention for man to reside for eternity.

What do I mean by “integrity of our faith”. Churches walk a thin line when getting involved in politics. And when many yes Churches teamed up to attempt to prevent a husband, Michale Schaivo, from making the health decisions for his wife a line was crossed the Church should have gotten involved with. I specifically write of this matter because many churches were involved and the U.S. Congress wrongly moved to interfere. It must never be forgotten.

There however is no wrong to be found in a clear mission given by God, of being a steward of the earth.

God, the creator did not call for the destruction of his beloved Earth by men.

There is a tangible force pressuring us Christians to not buy this global warming talk. In the United States of America there has been a tidal wave of capitalists ideas that hold that the making of profits is more important that such things as fair market pricing and sustainable development. Just look at the Oil Industry.

Such capitalistic vies I cannot support. A balance must be found. Blindly developing, seeking growth and maximizing profits with no ‘moral control’ are not the Christian way.

Just my humble opinion.

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