Thursday, March 01, 2007

Capitalism Challenged

If Capitalist and corporate America are truly being forth coming with consumers then why do I have contrary observations? I welcome its supporters to please respond to my post.

In the field of health care capitalists including President G.W. Bush have said that technology will reduce cost. Government and polticians instead of addressing the practice that corporations do in fact charge far too exorbitant prices to the public above their cost for providing such services or producing such products give business a free ticket void of regulation. Why then do healthcare cost continue to skyrocket? Why then are medical bills the leading reason for working Americans filing for bankruptcy?

I believe my observation possess merit based on the example that a majority of college economics professors use when teaching the law of supply and demand. It is Oil. Next, health care will be added to this short list of static commodities that consumers and their buying power can have little effect on their cost. Corporate greed for profits has locked the law of supply and demand out of these markets. Call that a free market economy?

Corporations’ marketing strategies are misleading and their prices are irresponsible. I pay attention to the economy and read reports where the cost of crude oil goes down but the cost of gasoline goes up then you what? Something is very wrong in this scenario that is the reality of the American economy.

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