Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Congress, the Constitution and War Powers

I try to refrain from using such strong words on my blog but I must coin a phrase for the purpose of accurately describing discussions by politicians that Congress does not possess the authority to end the War in Iraq.

The President yes has veto power but G.W. Bush is not a king in addition the President is not granted the final word in regards to War according to the Constitution, Congress can overturn such a veto. The Law clearly gives Congress power in that Congress shall declare war, Congress shall control the purse and Congress shall make law.

These rich big wigs dressed as representatives on Capital Hill all need to resign allowing regular folk to take their seats.

A vote by Congress even under threat of veto would be a grand political statement that the President must then respond too. A member of Congress should never allow for the shadow of a presidential veto to sway their solemn duty to represent their constituents.

Such an assertion that Congress lacks the authority to end this War in Iraq, and I say this with all reasonable respect, is out right bull shit.

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