Monday, March 26, 2007

State by State 2008 Presidential Update

2008 Presidential Update - State by State

Checks and Balances Blog is predicting these states electoral votes will most likely go to these candidates bearing no “Dean” incidents. This is a non-partisan analysis.

Clinton: Arkansas, California, Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Louisiana

Obama: Illinois

Giuliani: New Jersey

McCain: Arizona

Edwards: (none)

Mitt Romney: (none)

From my research, candidates showing a likely hood of winning 40% + of the vote were awarded that state. States where no candidates currently polling at 40 % or above were not included. I do believe there is a possible Gore factor that could entirely flip these predictions. New York and Connecticut are a toss up between Clinton and Giuliani. I predict the Republican Party would however never nominate R. Giuliani. Their nominee will be a strict conservative or even though a "maverick" a loyal Republican like John McCain. Therefore, predictions for the GOP nominee are less accurate.

-A.T. Brooks

Who Is Hillary Clinton?

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