Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Price of Gas: Part V

This is my 5th post entitled "The Price of Gas"

Today I paid $2.91 per gallon to put gas in my car. I decided to only put in $14 bucks that put my tank at the half waypoint.

Pardon my French, but the current price of gas is bull shit. Everyone of these rich ass folk whom believe the general public is not affected are mistaken. There is no justified reason for the continued increases in gas prices.

There is an economic imbalance in the Oil industry and I’m speaking to you rich ass mother fuckers this imbalance will affect your business as the general public can no longer afford to purchase your products and services. Then I wonder if you will continue to sit back and say nothing about the greed found within the Oil industry. The economy is only a concept, it is Corporate Boards who set prices. This worsening situation is the fault of these irresponsible corporations.

And to you working people that buy the balcony you hear from talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and yes even our beloved President G.W. Bush, the fact of the matter is the oil industry is making profits they ARE NOT reinvesting into technology nor considering a responsibility to the cost incurred by their customers

I know this. It does not take any bit of intelligence to observe on the news that when the price of crude oil is constant or as it goes down the price at the pump continues to rise. The real reasons are black and white. It is the drive for corporate profits.

Checks & Balances Blog will join other organizations in exposing this swindle stealing Americans of our hard earned pay checks. I encourage you to not sit back and simply continue to pay these prices. This is not supply and demand at work. The profit made in the Oil industry is set at the highest of margins. No, let me emphasize NO NO NO NO other industry roll in the profits the oil industry does. So the Hell to proponents of capitalism! Don’t attempt to explain to me that these prices at the pump is simply the market at play.

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? Gas prices were going up before and after. Seasonal mixes. Scares in Iran. What the hell? There’s always an excuse and the first person you’ll hear it from is the President. What the Hell? Impeach, he no longer is looking out for the public.

My choosing to buy a cheaper bar of soap is free capitalism. But when it comes to gas the consumer has no power. Capitalism fails in this situation. Yes I said, quote me 50 years from now. When it comes to the Oil Industry, CAPITALISM HAS FAILED!

I’m not some crazy left wing ideologue sponsored by some liberal organization. I’m a hard working American citizen that just made a financial choice not to fill my tank while I read headlines of Oil CEO’s retiring literally with a $$Billion bucks in their wallet.

What I believe to be solution; cut the fucking price of gas at the pump. Period (sorry kids).

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Joseph R. Gruber said...

One of the few things I actually agree with you on Anthony.

A barrel of oil today is around 60 dollars yet gas is at the same price today that it was back when the price for a barrel of oil was 75-80 dollars. The oil giants are getting cheaper oil but we're getting screwed with more expensive gas.

Now I'm not an expert on oil or gas pricing but I can't imagine a single reason for the jump in gas prices (not even the "scare" of Iran) except to make these companies more money.

And I blame it on all of Washington -- not a single party. You seem to be specific on your mantra of impeaching President Bush. Open your eyes and realize that your Democratic party aren't saints.

I would like to point out however that it is a majority of Democrats AND some Republicans who refuse to let us drill in the ANWR province and/or off in the Gulf. And before anyone comments that they don't want oil drilling platforms off the coast of their state -- when was the last time you were able to see something 125 miles out in the gulf?? With this gas/oil "crisis" let's at least start getting our oil from at home and not overseas.