Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bloggers vs. Big Oil

Checks & Balances Org proudly joins MoveOn org in opposing Big Oil. Please do your part and sign this petition!

I’d like to briefly discuss this petition with you. Many folk view Moveon Org as a far left liberal organization. I have no opinion nor will I argue with this viewpoint. What I am aware of is this pressing issue. The price of gasoline has not reached a plateau. It continues to rise. The public constantly is being sold contradictory reasons for the rise in gas prices.

I did my own research. Here is the FACT. I have found the root cause of this problem is a result of arbitrary costs levied by Big Oil that has raised your price at the pump. The break down looks like this Taxes = 15%, Corporate Operations = 9%, Refining =24%, Crude Oil = 52%. Analysis: Big Oil controls 85% of the cost you pay.

Let me define what I mean by “arbitrary”. Big Oil determines the price of gas by pulling it from their ass.

Please sign this petition. Thank You.


Enough is enough! A bill in the House would make gasoline price gouging a federal crime, and it could pass this week! Can you help be sure it does?

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