Monday, June 11, 2007

Humanity In Iraq

Far too often notions of peace, justice, humanity, and universal human rights are deemed radical ideas by war hawks. I discuss these issues as they relate to the War in Iraq because we must never forget the 2 primary justifications that sparked this war.

The American people and the World were told Saddam Hussein’s gassing of thousands of Kurds and the prevention of the development of weapons of mass destruction were the reasons behind this conflict.

In all practicality the above reasons are humanitarian, for the purpose of saving lives. However, this war has killed 100 times more innocent civilians and children than Saddam’s gassing of the Kurds. In addition this war has resulted in the death of Iraqi civilians to trump any WMD ever deployed.

Recent reports also discuss the matter of “insurgency”. “Chessani's defense team called Dinsmore as a witness to describe what was happening around Al-Hadithah in the months leading up to the killings. He said insurgents regularly used hospitals and mosques to launch attacks. Men pretending to be asleep in a house shot and killed a Marine when he entered. ''They would exploit any hesitation in order to gain an advantage,'' Dinsmore said. “

In my opinion let me explain to you what I see as an insurgent. Hypothetically picture the USA being invaded by a superpower as a result American patriots fight the invaders in the streets. Back in this superpowers homeland these patriots are labeled “insurgents”. This is precisely what has happened in Iraq. This definition of an “insurgent” is a crucial topic that will lead to an end of this War. Are these Iraqi citizens, civilians fighting for their land, political decedents, or members of Al Queda?

In its on this topic alone that I hold this position, the War in Iraq must be ended immediately.

Source: Source: San Jose Mercury News 06/08/2007

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