Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Canada’s Healthcare model for America

Universal Healthcare in my opinion should be a socialized government right just as much as the ability to drive on the road. This is my strong stance on Healthcare which will never change. One right wing conservative radio pundit said that if you want healthcare “to get out your wallet”. Honestly, let it be known this perspective is not one held by the general public; observation proves this to be the view of those where issues of the wallet are of no concern.

I believe there are sectors where capitalism, totally driven by the pursuit of profit void of morals and concern for the public good serve no benefit to the citizens of the United States. Healthy workers produce a healthy economy.

The Healthcare model of Canada is the direction America must go.

“Building is underway for the new North Bay General Hospital in North Bay , Ontario , Canada , four hours north of Toronto . It will be a state-of the art facility and the first new hospital construction to top one billion dollars.”

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