Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Impeachment of President G.W. Bush, Part II

Chatter on the topic of removing Dick Cheney from office and the Impeachment of President G.W. Bush is increasing everyday.

Such ideas however can only come to fruition if Congress is compelled to act on demand from the public simultaneously with bold independent legal investigations. The reality of such legislation movement is far out of reach. For example, one can look at the vast public call to end the War in Iraq. However, neither the President nor Congress has responded accordingly.

The leaders of the liberals have other agendas, are focus on money rather than organizing, and the younger members do not have the experience to funnel protest energy into political results. We see the harvest of liberal and Democratic efforts is an empty basket.

Therefore, the fragmented individuals, organizations especially activist whom form the base of these movements must put place second tier their agenda items and form one strong coalition to unify on this movement to impeach.

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