Friday, December 14, 2007

Clinton's Power

I usually agree with Lou Dobbs but on the matter who will be the next president of the USA his flopping in the wind is inconsistent. Hilary Clinton is without question the strongest candidate for president our nation has seen in decades. She has survived continuous attacks by the conservative establishment. She is also right for America at this time. Fact is fact which leads me to know that America in 2008 is not yet ready to put Barrack H. Obama in the White House. This is precisely why the right wing machine has literally called off criticism of him if not outright campaigning on his behalf. Republicans whom I currently oppose to govern are clearly conscious of this: the same America that elected George W. Bush twice will never put an African American named Barrack H. Obama during war times behind the Oval Office.

“Friday, December 14, 2007 – Lou DobbsTonight: A remarkable turn of events in the race for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations. Sen. Hillary Clinton has tumbled from a commanding lead in several early primary states being tied—and in some polls trailing—rival Sen. Barack Obama. On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee has surged from polling around 3 percent in July to the high 20s now. What’s going on? We’ll have all the latest from around the country.”


Garry said...

Hillary has an over 40% disapproval rating.
Approximately 90% of republicans say they would not vote for her under any circumstances.
A substantial percentage of democrats do no support her.
And her ratings among independents is extremely low.
Without crossover votes and having questionable support from democrats, she cannot win the general election.

The republicans are saying she is the toughest candidate and are otherwise doing all they can to see that she is the Dem nominee (including having Rove give his opinion on how strong Hillary is). Why do you think that is?

The only thing that will prevent the Dems from obtaining the White House is the Dems themselves, Will they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - they will by nominating Hillary.

Anthony Brooks, President said...

One should not base an opinion on whom to support for President on the heels of fallacious polls. Hilary Clinton’s approval ratings in New York whom she represents is 70%. In regards to her support amongst Democrats, the primaries will speak too: I stand by my analysis the next Democratic presidential nominee will be either Clinton or Edwards.

Let me clearly answer your question: “The republicans are saying she is the toughest candidate and are otherwise doing all they can to see that she is the Dem nominee (including having Rove give his opinion on how strong Hillary is). Why do you think that is?”

The following is my answer: the Republicans are attacking Clinton because she is the strongest candidate, they are aware she will wage the most aggressive professional campaign (unlike the former candidate and loser John Kerry). The experience of Bill Clinton is unmatched. Hillary simply is a winner; a campaign to beat the Clinton’s is the GOP’S worse nightmare and her presidency will be best thing for the working - middle class. I know my opponents, tuning into the conservative talking heads everyday. They all are attacking Hillary with identical phrases as if they are handed talking points each morning. As I have always stated the DEMS are on the wrong path in nominating candidates in the mold of John Edwards & John Kerry specifically because of their campaign strategy. As seen with Republican tactics employed by Karl Rove and the like the GOP does not play nice the DEMS in kind must put forth a president who simply will not stand for insignificant bickering nor false propaganda specifically swift boating. Hillary Clinton is thus far the only candidate to show such tenacity. Many people believe there is some reverse psychology in statements made by Karl Rove, however take it from me “I don’t think so”. Rove and the Republican Party are outright afraid to battle Hillary Clinton.