Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Former Bush official: Waterboarding is torture

"‘No doubt,’ says Tom Ridge, first Homeland Security secretary"

"WASHINGTON - The first secretary of the Homeland Security Department says waterboarding is torture.

"There's just no doubt in my mind — under any set of rules — waterboarding is torture," Tom Ridge said Friday in an interview. Ridge had offered the same opinion earlier in the day to members of the American Bar Association at a homeland security conference.
"One of America's greatest strengths is the soft power of our value system and how we treat prisoners of war, and we don't torture," Ridge said in the interview. Ridge was secretary of the Homeland Security Department between 2003 and 2005. "And I believe, unlike others in the administration, that waterboarding was, is — and will always be — torture. That's a simple statement.""

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the Duke said...

I find these comments interesting remembering that the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were thoroughly briefed on the "enhanced interrogation" techniques being used by the CIA. Those in attendance asked if these techniques were strong enough and we should do more.

I would think that former Secretary Ridge recieved the same briefings by the CIA. Why didn't he object then? If he felt strongly that waterboarding is torture he should have resigned in protest.

Nice sound bite. I question the motives and seriousness of Secretary Ridge.