Thursday, February 14, 2008

If God Wanted W to be President

George W. Bush reportedly told a friend, when he began his second term as governor of Texas, that he believed God wanted him to be President. Well, what if it was true? Judging from the fruits of W’s presidency, I think it’s clear that God wanted George W. Bush to be President so Americans would see that

  • “Supply-side” and “trickle-down” economics don’t work.
  • National arrogance and recklessness is self-destructive.
  • Politics based on fear cannot endure.
  • Faith and optimism do not create reality.
  • Republicans are not more “moral” than Democrats, just more hypocritical.


  • Politicians who put little value in government won’t take care of it.

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Rich said...

What your comments do not say is that:

1. The Bush tax cuts put more money in our pockets and at the same time increase government revenues. They work.

2. Attacking radical Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq works because we have not been struck since 9/11. We are defeating Al Qaeda in Iraq and winning the war on terror.

3. If faith and optimism do not create reality then Barack Obama has no platform. Everything he says is based on hope, faith and optimism. President Bush on the other hand has actually accomplished many things since his election in 2000,

4. Republicans are not more moral than Democrats. However, our platform is a much more moral one than the Democrats - pro-life, anti-drug, pro-family, putting God back in the public square, etc.

Politicians who put little value in government are good Republicans - less government is good government.

“A liberal is a man who will give away everything he doesn’t own.” —Frank Dane