Monday, July 10, 2006

GITMO: Strike #1

The new Conservative Supreme Court deals a decisive blow against the Bush Administration in declaring the Geneva Convention and the military code of conduct do apply to detainees at Guantanamo Bay Prison.

This case will bear upon, foreshadowing legal decisions to come on all questionable matters where the President claims to have far reaching powers simply because the nation is at war. Torture, Spying on U.S. citizens, Data collection on U.S. citizens, an official Executive Branch policy that states the “spirit” not the word of Geneva Convention will be applied.

What kind of illegal flip flopping law dodging jargging do you call that?

Such laws must be defined by law, they are not all encompassing within presidential powers not does the president have the authority to create such policy. The Constitution is clear the President has only the authorty to execute law, not create it. And certainly not to act before such authorities are granted by Congress.

This present Congress however, having the immediate oversight of such programs before Supreme Court have failed to perform their duty.

In light of recent policy this Congress has earned the title of the “Rubber Stamp Congress” and G.W. Bush the “Empty Suit in Chief”.

The President seems to act without respect for the word of Law and for our Constitution. Will he begin to attempt to enact programs that are solely in the "spirit" of the Constitution?

I pray not, these are Powers the President of the United States does not possess. It is the Courts whom intreprets the Law. Certainly grounds for Impeachment.

Even the new Conservative Supreme Court dominated by Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia could not find reasoning within the great Constitution of the United States of America to justify our government detaining any human being indefinitely without charge and without their day in court.

The Supreme Court rendered a good judgment, standing up for pure American Justice.

C&B calls this Supreme Court Decision strike #1 in proving that warnings and opposition to such moves by the Administration were right. Once Strike #3 is reached. I predict the nation will be engaged in of the following: the Impeachment of G.W. Bush or the swearing in of a Democratic Congress.

Strike # 2& 3 could come from numerous places, but it does not take Nostradamous to make a logical guess. The truth will bring strike 2& 3 from Iraq & negative economic issues sparked by artifically inflated consumer prices by the Oil & Gas Industry. The result will be victory for advocates of a better way in the upcoming elections.

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Summary & Position: The United States of America, and all she represents must treat even terrorist humanely.

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