Friday, August 31, 2007

The Republican War Slogans

1. “If we don’t fight them over there, we’ll have to fight them over here”

This Republican War Slogan presumes that Al Qaeda and other terrorists can be contained in Iraq. To the contrary,

“What Goes In Can Come Out”

If Al Qaeda can get into Iraq, Al Qaeda can get out of Iraq. If they stay there, it’s because it’s a huge training camp for them. They learn how to engage effectively in urban assault. They learn any weakness in our equipment and tactics. And this education can be applied anywhere there are cities. Including here.

2. “If we leave now, it will send the wrong message”

Is the message our mission now? Shall we sacrifice reason for pride? We are grinding down our army. Their readiness has been compromised. Our treasury is being depleted. We are betting the house on foreign investors. This cannot continue indefinitely. I say,

“To Stay is to Say We are Vain and Insane”

3. “If we leave now, it will get worse”

This Republican War Slogan assumes that we can maintain control of events in Iraq as long as we stay there. Bull. Iraq is roughly the size of California. It has a population of about 20 million. How can 160,000 American troops control the violence in a country that size and that populous, where even the national government is so disorganized and ineffective that it cannot control its capitol, and civil war exists throughout the land? They can’t. So I say,

“We Can’t Stop What We Can’t Control”

4. “As they stand up, we’ll stand down”

This Republican War Slogan assumes that Iraqis want to unify as quickly as possible and physically combat the various forces competing for control and tearing the country apart. In reality, the Iraqi government has no incentive to move quickly or engage in the physical combat themselves. So long as our soldiers are fighting there, the Iraqi government is assured that there will be no limit to our funding, and that our soldiers can be relied upon to fight their battles for them. Thus,

“If We Don’t Leave, They Won’t Stand Up”

5. “Support our troops”

When Republicans use this War Slogan what they really mean is, “Support Bush’s War.” They don’t really care about the soldiers themselves. They don’t care enough to give them the training they need, or the best body armor, or “up-armored” vehicles. They don’t even care enough to ensure that the troops are adequately treated when they return to the States with grievous mental and physical wounds. To Republicans it’s enough to cheer from the sidelines and expect that this will motivate our troops to continue to sacrifice their lives and families for the sake of a grand delusion To which I say,

“Don’t Sacrifice our Soldiers”

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