Monday, September 19, 2005

Another Diversion to the Moon

What’s the purpose, the value, and the benefit of gong to the Moon especially since we as a People have yet to find an appreciation for the value of our own Planet and the need to preserve its natural resources.

I have observed the words rolling of the lips of G. W. Bush are entirely contradictory to his actions and his intentions. I have also observed that when things are going wrong with the Bush Administration that NASA promotes some plan to go to the Moon or Mars, even though they barely can maintain the Shuttle Fleet. Such things are orchestrated to divert the attention of the Public from President Bush‘s blunders..

The goal for going back to the Moon has been set on 2020 at a cost of $104 Billion dollars. America has falling behind dramatically. Have these Republicans moved us Scientifically and Intellectual backwards? Well Hell! That’s precisely what it looks like. We have set future goals that were already achieve 30 years ago. We are using technology from 1969. Why have we not maintained at the least this level of capability? NASA is suppose to be American apex of Intellectualism, our brightest and our best but their efforts are being surpassed by Chinese Communist and Russian Practicalities. They cannot maintain the Shuttle Fleet nor build a more efficient Space Shuttle. The President has set no goals for advancing Space Technology, but he has simply set this goal for the purpose of distracting the Public’s attention from his blunders. Do you realize the date set of 2020, Bush will no longer be in Office.

Corruption and out right greed has staggered intellectual growth and hell our prized American ambition which once made us the #1, Numero uno, the very best in the World. What happened to the idea of reaching your goals with what u had to do it with? Why can't we go to the Moon in 2yrs at a cost of $1Billion. These timelines and these cost are fake. The proposed new Rocket is a technological set back and a rushed idea.

Visualize this the Space Program which began with these type of Rockets (now proposed to take us into the next generation of space exploration), then we progressed into the Shuttles which are now obsolete. The next logical stage would be a safer more efficient Shuttle which also provides options for America in responding to unexpected astronomical events.

I'm appalled with the Political & Private Business Leadership of America. They all need to be put in prison, some lined up and shot. The line of fair profits, progress, and the Good of the Nation have been erased.

Why don't we simply contract China & India to do this job for us? They can build a better car with less resources, at a fraction of the cost the United States does. They can and are doing the same with the Space Program. When these Nation’s out perform us our Republican Government leaders idiotically complain they are artificially lowering prices below the cost of production. How can a profit be made and how can any industry survive by doing this? My God, are these people in charge stupid or do they think the American people are? Seriously people. Our current leaders are incompetent, which is defined as “not able to perform a particular task, showing lack of skill, blunderer, and unqualified.”

Why is no one who holds the power speaking up for what is right? Why does it appear that President Bush is oblivious to responding and acting to holt the negative direction our nation is headed? The direction America is headed is not good. Positive changes can be made, with the right Americans at the helm. We need to get some damn Democrats or Greens in office. Some folk with integrity, who care, who lead with common sense, and who give a damn about all Americans.

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The Game said...

What is the role of government?

NASA unveiled its $104 billion plan on Monday to return Americans to the moon by 2018 aboard a capsule-like vehicle the space agency's chief described as "Apollo on steroids."
People are complaining saying that the government does not have enough money for all this stuff. My questions is: What should the government be spending the money on?
I believe the role of government is to do things that people can not do on their own, such as:
1. Military protection
2. Build roads
3. Provide schooling
4. Provide services like garbage removal and snow plowing
5. Provide clean drinking water

I’m sure there are more examples, and maybe people can list them.

But when the United States went to the moon before the Russians, America stood and cheered. People were proud of their country. This was around the time that JFK said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

What happened to that thought? Besides the fact that many in this country bash it constantly and find joy in doing so, there are many who say…”We can’t go to space; we have to provide for our citizens.”
So to these people the role of government is to:
Provide free housing
free food
free health care
free schools, supplies, transportation, clothes and shoes

But aren’t these things that people are supposed to do for themselves?

Which way of thinking is correct?

Anthony said...

Citizens provide for their country by paying Taxes and expect for their leaders to spend their money efficiently, ethically, and wisely.

In regards to your remarks about people who would like the government to provide services as "Provide free housing, free food, free health care, free schools, supplies, transportation, clothes and shoes.

What is a fact is there are person's that do not possess the aptitude or ability to provide such things for themselves.

The correct way of thinking in these matters is not ideological, but simply to do what is right.

For example, the disabled and people born into an impoverished home. These are conditions that frankly this person had no control over; this is where the government must be involved.

Free handouts, only a very small % of people believe this is the role of the government. I personally do not.

Ido agree but also disagree with parts of your statement. Middle ground may be finding a way for the government to fairly assist such people in providing such necessities for themselves.

Your remarks also lead into the whole matter of Poverty, which I will write a future post about.

God Bless.

Mike said...

I think going to the moon is a good idea. Many of the things we take for granted today are based on technologies developed to go into space.

However when a government is cutting it's tax base on one hand and on the other borrowing trillions of dollars from foreign countries to fund it's troops overseas and help it's own people following a natural disaster, $104 Billion to go to the moon again may seem a bit of a luxury.