Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Politics Driven by Faith

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Heb 11:1

As I write, you and I are participants within an ideological struggle within a nation with a proud Christian heritage. The United States of America, a great nation that at its birth was founded upon a belief in religious freedom. Where Democracy is understood by children, and where its citizens posses a bloodline that fought for their freedom and worked for their prosperity. The legal precedent of Separation of Church and State is being challenged, surprisingly by the Religious Right. So the question is; Can American Politics be driven by the Christian Faith? How crucial is this struggle? It is a struggle for the very Soul of America.

Now in the 21st Century there is a ‘Conservative’ ideology that is inconsistent and contradictory with the teachings of the Faith is proclaims to embrace, the Christian Faith. Today there is a struggle between a ‘Conservative’ ideology seeking to restrict the freedoms exposed in the United States’ founding so how can they truly be Conservative? Since now live in fast passed times people seem to lack the desire to logically think for themselves I will help you to answer this question. Those that are truly Conservative would not be seeking measures like those taken by G.W. Bush and Neo-Conservatives which are ripping apart economic prosperity across all socio-economic classes. True Conservative ideology would call for politics based on faith which leads to ethical, humanitarian, compassionate policy making. Frankly, real Christian Politics would be wonderful for the United States. What we have now in 2005 is not Christian Politics. What we have is lip service; Politicians and even Religious Leaders saying one thing and doing another. And Reverends advocating stances that surely bring sadness to God. From the Reverends to the Senators to the President, I will call them liars directly to their face if I had the opportunity. This false Conservative ideology seeks to politically, structurally, and legally impose their beliefs onto folk that don’t want them.

Now in the 21st Century there is a struggle with a Liberal ideology seeking to create a nation void for respect of traditional American values. Whom seek to outright ignore the Religious roots of the United States. Liberals who seek to impose their solutions to every problem based on freewill, science, progress, and equality but with no sound moral parameters.

So how crucial is this struggle to you, your life, and that of your family? We now find ourselves in an ideological struggle for the very Soul of America. Both camps; the Conservatives and Liberals however fail to see they both seek different paths but to the same end. And it is driven by a genuine patriotism for our great nation, the United States of America. Unfortunately, this division caused by this struggle is not worth the cost. I only pray the these camps swiftly compromise or that moderates will cease to be apathetic and shut up the mouths of these self serving minority interest. For in reality, these Moderates & Independents are the majority.

The Civil War, the World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement. Would all these defining events have been made in vain and nullified by the careless turning back of the clock in the presence of an apathetic zombie like citizenry by Corrupt ‘Conservatives‘. How crucial is this struggle you ask? You are an American citizen. Permitting those that hold the power to continue to lead in filth & corruption makes our citizenship no greater than the most poor and corrupt Third World Nation. We have never believed this, for to be an American is to be greater. We live by a higher standard where ethics, service, truth, honesty, and progress define the perimeters of our achievements. I will not beat around the bush. Elected Officials like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have taken us astray to such a point that politicians of this like should unquestionably be removed from office. For they come in the name of God but spit on his people and his good book.
There are several recent issues that have brought Liberals, Conservatives and some Christians to a stark face off. Intelligent Design (ID), Right to Life issues like Terri Schiavo and Abortion, the role of Judges and the Supreme Court, Marriage, and the Iraq War. I will discuss each one of these issues as I believe the Christian Faith guides us to approach them.

Intelligent Design (ID): Theodosius Dobzhansky said “Nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution. (The New Republic pg. 25).” The word of God says” man cannot live by bread alone.” This verse calls for a man to also live by Faith. One would then induce neither can man live by Faith alone. Therefore in following the word of God man is empowered to utilize science and not blindly inject Faith which governs spirituality not Geology, Mathematics, Physics nor Biology. The Bible says that man was created in God’s image, cognitive and intelligent unlike a pig. We are not to blindly follow erroneous interpretations of the Bible and decrees from Religious Institutions. The Christian Faith as followed strictly permits for the co-existence of Religion and Science.

According to ID there is only one logical argument against Evolution. There is a lack of a complete fossilage of transitional species. For example; a fossil of the missing link between ape & man. An Ape Man to be precise. I do know that an Orangutan is about 1% genetically different from a man, but I am no Biologist so I’ll leave it at that as I finish eating this banana.
Personally I believe in both Creationism and Evolution. I believe that God created man and all life through the process of Evolution and set the Earth on a continuing path of Biological, Intellectual, and Spiritual Evolution. Who are we to even attempt to conceptualize how God works? According to the Bible’s Book of Genesis God was there in beginning and will be there in the end (Alpha & Omega).

ID even accepts “microevolution”, which automatically tells me that “Christians” advocating Intelligent Design may be fully aware they are wrong but still seek to force their basely ‘science’ in the minds our nation’s youth.

The Right to Life: is a political tool seeking to circumvent the Right to Privacy, and the Right to Choose. What someone believes because they are Christian does not mean this is right nor should be impose don others. If the shoe were turned how would Jehovah Witnesses like to be legally forced to have blood transplants although it against their religious beliefs. Furthermore these Right to Lifers let countless people die from medical complications and illness because they cannot afford the cost of treatment. And in the recent crises of Hurricane Katrina these same Right to Lifers let thousands of poor, sick, and elderly die. In the matter of Terri Schiavo the Bible places the power of decision in her husband’s hands. No one especially the Government had a place in this matter. This was simply a matter of Family.

The Courts: we must not but aside the benefit of a Separation of Church & state. The benefits to both Christians and Liberals is enormous. Living in a Democracy we do not know who will be in power and those currently holding the power must not change the rules unethically to simply benefit their self interest. Yes, Christians today attempting to fill the courts with ideologues are corrupt. Their actions are carelessly creating the same type of unjust Courts that crucified Jesus Christ. Conservatives whine about activist Judges but that is exactly what they are doing, filling the Courts with Conservative Activist Judges.

Same Sex Marriage: the Church can & cannot condone whatever partnership it pleases but what justification does the government have in interfering with this most intimate of personal freedoms? The Church should be putting far more attention into promoting the strength of and maintaining heterosexual relationship. It should be devoting resources for strengthen families not opposing partnerships between persons that want the same as you & me. If you believe they seek a different American Dream then you are mistaken. The Church nor the Government has no place beyond the Powers given in the Constitution. The Bible that I read was once used to keep Americans enslaved. The Bible I read was once used to oppress women. And now the Bible I read is being used to deny American citizens their right to marry whom every they please. However I have read differently in all these cases. Simply fabrications and blasphemous conscience misinterpretations from folk who unfortunately would not make it through the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

The Iraq War: I’m sure you have heard the arguments against this War, and why our troops are not brought home this minute baffles me. George W. Bush speaks of an Ownership Society. In the End, the only thing we truly own is our Soul. The death of these soldiers and civilians is on his hands, he will be accountable.

Now let me say that we must make some sharp as a razor blade distinctions between Conservatives, Christians, and Neo-Cons. Conservatives and Neo-Cons are ideological sets of people. Christians are above these simple classifications, and never should the Christian Body or even a little back woods church give its allegiance to any politician. The Bible says we are “royal priesthood”. Far above corrupt, lying, self serving, self righteous politicians; associating ourselves with them will lead to nothing but perdition. Please do not assume that Christians are Conservatives, and Christians don’t assume the Republican Party should always have your vote.
Environmental Conservative: Please imagine where man was placed on this Earth in his creation. In the Garden of Eden where he was called to its care. We failed then, and we continue to fail today. Man was placed here to care for the Earth not to destroy it through pollution & greenhouse gases. Many hold this belief today, because of a false interpretation of the Bible foretelling Earth’s destruction. Therefore giving us no obligation to Environmental Conservative.
As a Christian I must say that Conservatives have blatantly abused and taking advantage of the devotion Christians have given to them. Let me go on a tangent for a moment and speak on specific politicians whom have outright deceived Churches. The precise term for these guys, as my grandma would call ‘em is “Blue Eyed Devils”: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Dennis Hastert, Karl Rove , Paul Wolfowitz, and Donald Rumsfeld.

Tom Delay spoke directly to Churches via TV broadcast during Justice Sunday Events. He’s fundraising organizations have recently been indicted for ethics violations. These are the Texas courts not some Liberal organization bringing these charges. Point blank he is unethical.

Bill Frist also spoke directly to Churches via TV broadcast during Justice Sunday Events. During the Terri Schiavo Situation he attempted to diagnose this woman without even seeing her in person. He pushed for the Federal Government’s involvement. He Exposed a Right to Life but recently has changed his stance in support of Stem Cell Research. Point black he is a flip flopping, poll following liar. Qualities I don’t believe the highest ranking Senator should possess.

As I continue this discussion please entertain this idea, one of several personal political philosophies I hold. The Republican & Democratic Parties are pushing their wedge issues because these political parties cannot survive unless the American People are ideologically divided. But who says this is how it has to be? Certainly not the founders of our nation whom did not recognize political parties within the Constitution . I strongly believe this even though I am a devout Christian, belonging to the most Biblically Conservative Protestant faith.

“During the 80 years since the Scopes trial, creationism has undergone its own evolution. The Christian right now promotes “intelligent design” as a supposedly scientific rebuff to Charles Darwin, and George W. Bush has said it should be taught in public schools. But an examination of the movement’s most influential text reveals it to be a shoddy mishmash of omissions and misrepresentations - a blatant attempt to proselytize America’s children, not educate them. Its time to recognize intelligent design for what it really is: a clever euphemism for biblical creationism. (The New Republic- pg. 21)”

The person occupying the Office of President of the U.S., George W. Bush has said he wants creationism to be taught in Public Schools, or more specifically he said “intelligent design”.
The entire Christian faith is based on the Doctrine of Choice. We cannot and we must not impose our Faith on those that do not want it. We cannot have non-believers teaching our faith in Public Schools. It is this simple. Frankly, I cannot fathom why a true Christian that wants our religion to survive would ever advocate it being taught in Public Schools. This is the work of the Church not the Government, and they should never be mixed.

Point blank, my argument in this paper is that the driving force behind these issues is not Faith but Politics and politicians disguised as persons of faith. Embracing my Faith, and as a simple citizen these stances taking by the Right and so called “Conservatives” is not what Jesus Christ would want or do.

*Post written by A.T. Brooks. Quotes and Information from The New Republic/Aug. 22 & 29, 2005 & the King James Holy Bible

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The Game said...

You need to atleast admit you are a liberal...if you are not sure...here's your sign...

Also, you start off talking about how we have a great Christian history, then advocate for the murder of children as a right of choice and privacy...so you also think people should be able to kill anyone in the privacy of their own home? Or smoke crack in their house?

As far as the Iraq war goes...even crazy liberal senators understand why we can't leave now...you can argue we never should have gone, but if you can't understand why we have to stay until Iraq is safe from radical Islamic terrorists...then it seems like all hope is lost for you.

then you talk about the courts, my head started to hurt when you said conservative judges were activists...that comment might make you the most insane person in the entire world...there are no laws making abortion legal, there are no laws making gay marriage legal...but they are because liberal judges just make these rights up....maybe if the American people actually wanted these things to happen, they would vote in people that agreed with them...

However, the American people do not agree with these positions, that is why a law making these legal has never been pasted...

But the courts is the only way to get the liberal agenda passed, since the democrat side of the ballot box is more and more empty every election.