Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Report on the Anti Iraq War & Anti-Bush Movement

From September 24th -26th, as reported from D.C. Metro Officials more than 100,000 Americans came together in our nation’s capital to voice their dissent. In addition to these citizens descending upon the United State’s Capital there were countless local demonstrations occurring simultaneously. This was a successful Mass Demonstration, a result of a growing Movement. There are 2 distinct contingents in this Movement: the Anti Iraq War Contingent and the Anti Bush/Cheney-Impeachment Contingent. Of course many people involved are working towards both of these goals.

D.C. itself was a mess. Thousands of demonstrators marched on the central streets. The Cops (5-0) were in full force. I remember specifically as I was trying to cross the street walking the wrong way an officer rudely gave me a command to stay on the cross walk. People were asking for directions but this is the only response they got. Literally D.C. was in a Police state. Helicopters flying over head and the 5-0 posted at every other street corner. I however noticed no violence nor disrespect to the City. In addition to the March there were tents set up in I believe an area called the Mall or that vicinity, all in walking distance to the important sites. Camp Casey was also in gear. There was a concert, tents of non-profits, and grass roots organizations. There was also several prominent speakers.

These 2 camps of citizens are coordinating their efforts out of convenience, and a very simple concept ascribing there is Power in Numbers. The distinction can be drawn because both camps are campaigning on goals that will have varying impact upon the President, the Courts and Congress.

Speakers at this Mass Demonstration included but not all Ms. Cindy Sheehan, Rep. Maxine Waters, and Fmr. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Some of the Lead organizations are United for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace, A.N.S.W.E.R./VotetoImpeach.Org, Camp Casey, and many grass roots organizations from every state. For the whole of the Movement we must not also ignore organizations that are pushing different agenda items but have not yet formed a strong Coalition with these groups such as Moveon.Org, Blogs, and PACs. The collective efforts of all these groups is now being reflected within the general public.

Now I must will speak frankly about the Movement because I believe both camps can realistically achieve their goals. However, their methods are unrealistically applicable to doing so. What do I mean? Specifically, in hope that leaders within the Movement will take notice. Let me add that I speak with confidence in regards to organizations

I pose this question? What Tangible things is the Movement doing to push its goals?

Demonstrations in themselves are a waist of resources if they are not accompanied with a barrage of other coordinated strategies. (On a side note I am a Fmr. Chair of the USF Coalition of Progressive Student Organizations which led the Protest for protected Academic freedom so I do have a respect for how demonstrations can serve as one of many tactics but not the sole means for pushing your agenda).

Exhibit #1) One Official National Campaign & Petition circulated by all organizations and activist could have been distributed at this Mass Demonstration on Sept 24th - 26th 2005 collecting over 100,000 verifiable signatures. We now should develop and disseminate a Campaign & Petition adhering to legal standards so that it can be recognizable by and acted upon by the Government. This Central Petition could then be presented to the Supreme Court, the President, and Congress.

Exhibit #2) The Time Line. From personal observation, Progressive Organizations and the Democratic Party are setting Timelines for 2006, and placing greater emphasis on 2008. These plans are setting the Movement up for failure. Push the timelines and focus the present energies of these citizens Now! The People of our country are speaking up Now! We cannot wait until 2006 to gamble on Congressional Races, and 2008 to place our full hand on one Presidential race. Our strategies need to pick up Now! We need to push to End the War Now, to Have Investigations Now, to Stop Legislation Now, to Impeach the President Now! All of these in addition to directing resources towards the elections of 2006 & 2008. We cannot simply focus on Candidates & Election Cycles but also on our issues.

Exhibit #3) The Constitution must be the foundation for our agenda. Dissenting arguments & Ideological insignificancies against the Iraq War and Bush’s Office as President have no merit if they are not in relation to what we believe to be injustices against our Constitution and other laws. Furthermore, Conspiracy Theories and Ideological Views may very well be true, but not credible until they are proven. We must work within the United State’s system of Democracy to change it.

A) Define High Crimes and Misdemeanors according to the Constitution clearly & unbiased. State these definitions along with the Movements accusations in speeches and publications.

B) Define what is meant by War Crimes and Humanitarian violations as applicable to the Constitution, Geneva Conventions, matters of Imprisonment and Due Process, and International Laws. According to the U.S. Constitution the U.S. President can be removed from office in violation of to International Laws, Agreements and possibly Standards of Human Rights.

C) Finally, there is a matter that has not been addressed but I believe could lead to resignations from President Bush to Prime Ministers Tony Blair to Cabinet Secretaries to Military Generals. The United Sates and our closet ally Great Britain are Democracies, specifically the U.S. is a Republic. However boring and insipid it may seem the Chief Executive knowingly not adhering to the principles of Democracy and authorized in his Powers according to that nation’s Constitution is criminal. The Constitution of the United States of America and cornerstone of our society grants the People the Power of Oversight via the Congress. The Constitution grants Congress the power of investigation which approximates the power of Oversight.

Let us discuss the matter of Information provided to the Public, to Congress, the United Nations, and International Organizations specifically in regards to Declaring War and its direct relationship to the Constitutionally Power of Oversight by the People. I am no lawyer so I am incapable of articulating this concept. But simply: the President nor anyone in the Government has any Right, Constitutional Power, nor Authority to “fix”, alter or manipulate such information in any form specifically in relation to Declaring War. In my opinion this would not only be defined as an greater act than a “High Crime & Misdemeanors” as required by the Constitution for Impeachment but synonymous to Treason. By American Law, Treason is a capital offense. Am I wrong? Such an act I assert has been committed by President G.W. Bush has and is causing unjustified American deaths? This duty in providing unadulterated information specifically in the matter of War is, and I cannot say any more strongly, a sacred duty placed at the responsibility of our President , Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Movement needs bright lawyers with clear unbiased, non-partisan minds to explore this Constitutional Power of Oversight belonging only to the People via Congress. This Power of Oversight must also be evaluated as it relates to Government Officials, Agencies & Offices providing information and in light of Hurricane Katrina services to the Public. The duty of the President and Congress, if any and if so the appropriate punishment for this derelict and/or abuse of these offices of Public Service.

There are also other issues that have been effectively mucked up by the White House. They include but are not limited too Information providing to the Public and too Congress in relation to this Constitution Power of Oversight, clear unethical & immoral correlations between Dick Cheney his role as Vice President, his former position as Secretary of Defense, his relationships with the Oil Industry, and how this literally ties into the company of Halliburton. President Bush’s role as President as it relates to the Oil Industry and his knowledge of unethical acts involving his Vice President.

What I believe is urgent and must be done, pushed aggressively by the Movement and agreeing citizens are a Series of Independent Non-Partisan Investigations to answer these questions. I speak respectively to my Republicans and Conservative friends, you call many assertions stated in this letter as lies or conspiracy theory. If you are truly honorable to the flag of our great nation you cannot object and I pray you will join us in demanding for such Investigations. Influenced by no Political Party, but only guided by American Standards of Justice.

The White House and Congress are fully aware it is their interest to prevent Independent Investigation (s). But I ask you, is this in the interest of you and your family?

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