Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Murder

"Trayvon Martin, a 17 year African American youth, star athelete from Sanford, Florida was shot and killed by a white hispanic man while innocently walking too a friends's residence. 911 taps sound Trayvon's screams for help before being murdered. The murderer a Mr. Zimmermann.

Florida's stand your ground law the defense posture Mr. Zimmermann is using which is at best questionable and is equally applicable to the Martin families justification for Trayvon Martin walking through this neighborbood, as phone records indicate he was traveling to visit a friend who resides in the community, and fact that he was approached aggressively by Mr. Zimmermann, in this situation if you were Trayvon Martin would you not stand your ground or run? In the State of Florida the law no longer calls for you to flea if possible but stand your ground. Furthermore Mr. Martin having no weapons, being younger and of smaller stature than Mr. Zimmermann certainly has no quilt in this case. The best alternative defense for Mr. Zimmermann is to plend insanity for having such a grave misperception of his role as simple neighborhood watch volunteer. It is clear Mr. Zimmermann lesser charge is manslaugther. "

Sanford Statistics:


Racist remark or not this idiot killed an
unarmed kid.

9 hours
How can they "stand by their investigation"
when one never took place?

J • 9 hours
Really does it matter what nationality
Zimmerman is? And would it be less ridiculous if this were a white kid from a
rich family? Some idiot (regardless of race) shot and killed an unarmed kid
(regardless of race). They need to jack the jail up and throw him under

San Antonio,
• 9 hours
Put yourself in the shoes of both. One was
an innocent kid going home and the other a paranoid and perhaps mentally ill
self appointed neighborhood watch person. What is clear is that the self
appointed was the aggressor, and the kid also had the right to defend himself.
Zimmerman is guilty of first degree murder, because he confronted and killed an
innocent kid. The situation would be different if the kid was in the act of
committing a crime. BUT HE WAS NOT. If we start to rationalize stupidity or
insanity, we are taking this country down a VERY dangerous

9 hours
I have no clue of the police are racists or
not, but coming from the white male I am, it is clear to me that the police are
freaking idiots if nothing else. For that they should loose their jobs and be
investigated themselves for basic competency.

• 9 hours
This guy needs to have his concealed
handgun license revoked and then eventually do some jail time. He was the
aggressor and instigated the entire situation. Plus he ignored the dispatcher's
instruction on telling him NOT to follow the Martin kid.

• 11 hours
My heart just breaks for this family, How
can police ignore all of this?

• 9 hours
This stinks to high heaven. It looks to me
like this guy, Zimmerman, had an inflated view of his importance as
"neighborhood watchman," and was looking for an excuse to use his gun to show
what a man he was.

• 9 hours
This police department needs to be
investigated and it's Chief of Police fired.

9 hours
The mug shot was the result of an assault
on a police officer! How in hell does he get a carry license after

FrenchyTruth or
Consequences, New Mexico

1 hour 40
minutes ago
So, let me get this straight, if the young
man had been armed and then Zimmerman drew his pistol but the boy was faster and
shot in self defense would THAT have been Ok? In that case could Treyvon have
said "Some guy was following me, then threatened me, drew a gun, so I HAD to
shot him in self-defense"

Ian • 9 hours
Unbelievable story. I hope this Zimmerman
is crapping himself right about

John • 9 hours
When this story first broke, I stated that
we needed to learn the facts before jumping to conclusions. Well the time to
jump to a conclusion is now. This man needs to be in jail. This poor kid was
just picking up some snacks for his younger brother.

Maggie J
9 hours
It says a lot about Zimmerman that the only
photo they have available is a mug shot. So why isn't it being widely reported
yet that this jerk was his own "neighborhood watch," that he had a history of
violence, or that he had called 911 45 times since January?

9 hours
He stalked and murdered an unarmed

wfGreen Bay,
• 9 hours
You hear the 911 calls. On one, Zimmerman
using a racial slur. On another, you hear Trayvon screaming help, then a
gunshot. A cell phone call to his girlfriend saying he's being chased. I'm
sorry, but anyone who is standing up for Zimmerman and thinks there was no
racist intent involved is lying to themselves.

Big AlMedford,
• 9 hours
While serving as a police officer for 15
years I came across several individuals over the years who were "wanna be" cops,
but for one reason or another couldn't cut it. More often than not they were
unsuited for law enforcement because of some sort of mental instability. Many of
these individuals turned to private security or in this case neighborhood watch.
Now arm these unstable persons with a firearm and just wait for an incident such
as this one to happen. Some of them even make it past the screening process and
end up on the force. I worked with one of these individuals once who regularly
talked about shooting someone. Eventually he did in a situation similar to this
one. He was never prosecuted and went on to retire several years later. He was
one of the main reasons I quit the force after 15 years.

• 9 hours
Pathetic excuse for a Police force. I hope
the Feds get involved and charge the whole department with Accessory to

Raymond ScottSacramento, California • 9 hours ago
This is depressing. A 17 year old boy is
dead because of a dude has racial issues. I am glad that I don't have a son that
was killed. I think that I would have totally lost my mind and start seeking
revenge. There is nothing more painful than losing your child. I feel very sorry
for the boy's family. I hope that they will recover from this and move on
without pain. Forgiveness is not an easy thing either. I wish them all the best.
I hope that Zimmerman gets justice - tried, convicted,and sentenced to life in