Friday, August 31, 2007

The Republican War Slogans

1. “If we don’t fight them over there, we’ll have to fight them over here”

This Republican War Slogan presumes that Al Qaeda and other terrorists can be contained in Iraq. To the contrary,

“What Goes In Can Come Out”

If Al Qaeda can get into Iraq, Al Qaeda can get out of Iraq. If they stay there, it’s because it’s a huge training camp for them. They learn how to engage effectively in urban assault. They learn any weakness in our equipment and tactics. And this education can be applied anywhere there are cities. Including here.

2. “If we leave now, it will send the wrong message”

Is the message our mission now? Shall we sacrifice reason for pride? We are grinding down our army. Their readiness has been compromised. Our treasury is being depleted. We are betting the house on foreign investors. This cannot continue indefinitely. I say,

“To Stay is to Say We are Vain and Insane”

3. “If we leave now, it will get worse”

This Republican War Slogan assumes that we can maintain control of events in Iraq as long as we stay there. Bull. Iraq is roughly the size of California. It has a population of about 20 million. How can 160,000 American troops control the violence in a country that size and that populous, where even the national government is so disorganized and ineffective that it cannot control its capitol, and civil war exists throughout the land? They can’t. So I say,

“We Can’t Stop What We Can’t Control”

4. “As they stand up, we’ll stand down”

This Republican War Slogan assumes that Iraqis want to unify as quickly as possible and physically combat the various forces competing for control and tearing the country apart. In reality, the Iraqi government has no incentive to move quickly or engage in the physical combat themselves. So long as our soldiers are fighting there, the Iraqi government is assured that there will be no limit to our funding, and that our soldiers can be relied upon to fight their battles for them. Thus,

“If We Don’t Leave, They Won’t Stand Up”

5. “Support our troops”

When Republicans use this War Slogan what they really mean is, “Support Bush’s War.” They don’t really care about the soldiers themselves. They don’t care enough to give them the training they need, or the best body armor, or “up-armored” vehicles. They don’t even care enough to ensure that the troops are adequately treated when they return to the States with grievous mental and physical wounds. To Republicans it’s enough to cheer from the sidelines and expect that this will motivate our troops to continue to sacrifice their lives and families for the sake of a grand delusion To which I say,

“Don’t Sacrifice our Soldiers”

Thursday, August 30, 2007

High Crimes & Misdemeanors

Anthony has been kind enough to let me post on his blog, so let me begin with this: the counts I would cite for the impeachment of Richard Cheney and George W. Bush.

  1. Illegal Wiretapping [for FOX viewers, that means without the warrants required by existing law]
  2. Elimination of Habeas Corpus [for anyone they label a “terrorist”]
  3. Use of Federal Agencies to Promote his Party [as in firing US Attorneys to replace them with loyal Bushies]
  4. Use of Signing Statements to Subvert the Will of Congress and enforce laws – or not- as he sees fit
  5. Obstruction of Justice [by refusing to comply with subpoenas]
  6. Unitary Executive Theory & Practice [under which terms he is the Final Decider for as long as he can make a war last]
  7. Misrepresentation of Evidence to Wage War [specifically in the case of Iraq]
  8. Release of Formerly Classified Information for Political Purposes [as in the case of Valerie Plame]
  9. Refusal to Honor International Conventions & Treaties entered into by the USA [for example, authorization of torture]
  10. Protecting Members of his Administration who have Lied under Oath [at minimum, Libby & Gonzales]

Alex Budarin

Sunday, August 26, 2007

DNC to oust Florida's delegates

Howard Dean and Alexis Herman would have shown superior leadership in addressing this matter before the Florida legislature changed the primary schedule. Now the reaction of the DNC is borderline incompetence and certainly void of understanding of the concerns of Florida voters. The DNC was never strong enough on keeping corruption out our voting system, or demanding a voting system the people could have confidence. That is why Florida voted to move up its primary. This matter ultimately should be left to the states opposed to a national party that dropped the ball on this issue. Were Dean and Herman sleeping when Florida was debating this schedule change? This further shows the weakness of the Democrats; a lack of unity in addition to strong leadership. The DNC disenfranchising Florida voters may spark the important fringe Democrats that always vote, volunteer and contribute to break away from the Democratic Party.

"Message from Karen Thurman

As Chair of your State Party, I will go before the Rules & Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Saturday to fight to preserve Florida's full and diverse representation in the presidential primary process.

Under the Rules, the DNC has the authority to slash the delegate voting power of states that hold unauthorized presidential primaries prior to February 5, 2008, essentially making their votes meaningless. Because the Republican-controlled state Legislature moved our state's primary to January 29, 2008, Florida Democrats may be subject to severe penalties.
On Saturday, we will make our case to the DNC. I'm going to fight to have Florida's votes counted, but in reality, I'm only one out of more than four million Florida Democrats. The DNC really needs to hear from people like you.

Can you take just a few moments to tell the DNC why you believe it should make Florida count? I'm going to take your messages - and your voices in spirit - with me to Washington. The meeting is Saturday morning, so get your comments in by Friday at 5 PM.

As you may recall, we've had success in the past when your voice was heard, such as when Democratic legislators read your comments on the floor of the Florida Senate in the heat of the class-size debate in 2006. We succeeded then because of your support, and I have faith that your action now will help make the difference.

You have the power. Tell DNC Chairman Howard Dean and the Rules & Bylaws Committee how important it is that Florida's votes be counted on January 29. I truly believe they will listen.

Florida Democrats must stand together and demand that our votes be counted. In this discussion, there is nothing more important than making sure that Florida Democrats are not disenfranchised.
Our state has seen far too much of this in the past: the 2000 election debacle, eligible voters purged from the voting rolls based on race, Black voters intimidated at the polls, 18,000 votes vanishing because of touch screen machines in 2006, the list goes on and on.
Send a message right now. There's no time to waste.
Thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Congresswoman Karen L. ThurmanChair, Florida Democratic Party
P.S. Send me your comments right now, and be sure to forward this email to your friends, neighbors and families. Please don't put this off. Thank you again."


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Concerns for Lucy

I hope the American museums will take extra precautions to perverse Lucy. Postponing the tour to develop a specially designed case for Lucy may be in order. She is the most famous and important anthropological find. Is Ethiopia’s decision to send her on tour a wise choice?

"World's Oldest Hominid Now World's Oldest Tourist
by Jason Beaubien

"One of the world's treasures, the hominid fossil known as "Lucy," is about to go on public display for the first time outside its native Ethiopia.
The Lucy exhibition has been praised by some as a coup for Texas and denounced by others as the reckless exploitation of one of humanity's most famous ancestors. Renowned paleontologist Richard Leakey even called it a form of prostitution."

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hillary or Obama: that is the question.

I attended my first campaign meeting in support of Barrack Obama primarily because his supporters asked me too. Most of you know me as a Hillary supporter, unfortunately after numerous attempts to connect with the Hillary campaign I have only received hits asking for money. I’m sure I’m not alone, activist like myself can be a little discouraged with pleas for my money from the candidates without the opportunity to sit at the little table.

I pray Hillary will not focus so heavy on fundraising; running the traditional professional style campaign. An early 2 pronged approached is necessary to win (People & Money). The reality is as a women with high negative points, runs from James Carville’s playbook will not suffice.

Building a true grass roots structure in Florida is essential. A presidential candidate could win more votes locally where it’s needed opposed to big money cost like national TV commercials. The popular vote does not win the presidency. Karl Rove put Bush in the White House by micro targeting and turning out the vote of a small conservative base. He won by thinking small strategically scoring the electoral victories. Polls show as of August 20, 2007 Clinton leads nationally but is behind in Iowa and New Hampshire.

My personal out look is that a national campaign can be won with feet on the ground, a movement if you will. Anthony Brooks’ playbook consists of a two-pronged approach: People and Money or more formally Organization and Fundraising. 1 Chief Campaign Manager and 2 Deputies in charge of each of these functions. Build the organization down from there. Completely separate functions, not as the campaigns are currently formed where all efforts are fundraising until 2 months before election time then a half baked GOTV operation is attempted usually better orchestrated by seasoned local leaders.

A strong organization can trump big money. Picture the Civil Rights Movement which was victorious not via big money but by mobilizing people. I know first hand the Democratic Party has hordes of folk that have signed up to volunteer whom are being under utilized while in addition to being bombarded with hits for donations could be put to work.

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