Monday, August 20, 2007

Hillary or Obama: that is the question.

I attended my first campaign meeting in support of Barrack Obama primarily because his supporters asked me too. Most of you know me as a Hillary supporter, unfortunately after numerous attempts to connect with the Hillary campaign I have only received hits asking for money. I’m sure I’m not alone, activist like myself can be a little discouraged with pleas for my money from the candidates without the opportunity to sit at the little table.

I pray Hillary will not focus so heavy on fundraising; running the traditional professional style campaign. An early 2 pronged approached is necessary to win (People & Money). The reality is as a women with high negative points, runs from James Carville’s playbook will not suffice.

Building a true grass roots structure in Florida is essential. A presidential candidate could win more votes locally where it’s needed opposed to big money cost like national TV commercials. The popular vote does not win the presidency. Karl Rove put Bush in the White House by micro targeting and turning out the vote of a small conservative base. He won by thinking small strategically scoring the electoral victories. Polls show as of August 20, 2007 Clinton leads nationally but is behind in Iowa and New Hampshire.

My personal out look is that a national campaign can be won with feet on the ground, a movement if you will. Anthony Brooks’ playbook consists of a two-pronged approach: People and Money or more formally Organization and Fundraising. 1 Chief Campaign Manager and 2 Deputies in charge of each of these functions. Build the organization down from there. Completely separate functions, not as the campaigns are currently formed where all efforts are fundraising until 2 months before election time then a half baked GOTV operation is attempted usually better orchestrated by seasoned local leaders.

A strong organization can trump big money. Picture the Civil Rights Movement which was victorious not via big money but by mobilizing people. I know first hand the Democratic Party has hordes of folk that have signed up to volunteer whom are being under utilized while in addition to being bombarded with hits for donations could be put to work.

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