Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dick Cheney should step down.

30 years of service in question.

From the first day the Bush Administration was sworn in, Dick Cheney has been the target of allegations of corruption and conspiracy theories. It is ironic that this Vice Presdent known as the “military industrial complex” has had a terrible accident with a fire arm.

Any American with common sense can not deny that at least as it relates to Vice-President Dick Cheney after failing to notify the public of this accident for 20 hours and just today he decides to speak on this matter personally (that). This coupled with the fact that Cheney’s Fmr. Chief of Staff L. Libby recently stating he released National Intelligence information on approval form his superiors. Libby had only 4 superiors: Dick Cheney, Andy Card, Karl Rove, and President Bush. Identifying Cheney as the central figure in the Culture (s) of corruption, deception, misinformation, manipulation, and malfeasance do have merit.

I write with respect for Cheney’s 30 years of service as Chief of Staff for President Ford, Secretary of Defense, CEO of Halliburton, and Vice President for G.W. Bush. But honestly, Cheney is a problem. This man that has been a powerful political force behind the curtain, unfortunately I believe his time has come to resign from government.

There is simply no defense for this possible act of malfeasance, in addition too but not enough reason to fire a public official this act of selfish arrogance.. The Vice President of United States is not a private citizen. Everyone knows that once someone chooses to seek elected office their affairs are no longer private. Furthermore, the Executive Office of the President is served by the Press Secretary who reports when the presidential dog is sick nether the less if the Vice President accidentally shoots someone.

Once a man like Dick Cheney, a public servant, believes the interest of his person is above the duties of his office, he is no longer fit to serve the People.

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