Monday, March 12, 2007

6 months left in Iraq

Republican leaders are claiming that liberals do not support the troops. It seems that Democratic leaders are afraid of taking a clear stance on the Iraq War, so let me entertain you with what I believe.

The work of U.S. troops in Iraq in done. It is time to bring all American troops back home.

The House is discussing legislation to task the Bush Administration with providing results in Iraq by July 2007. My opinion is based on what I have heard military generals and a former soldier say; that American troops could be withdrawn from Iraq in 6 months.

I urge and propose for the United States House and the Senate to vote to end the Iraq War and begin bringing our soldiers home starting September 2007. To make this date LAW for the final End of War against Iraq.

No matter what any corrupted political pundit will tell you, it was in fact the War in Iraq that gave the Democrats control of Congress. It is their mandate to end this debacle. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must lead the nation in this transition and allow for the House Bills on Iraq to be voting on. The message sent by the American people is not a desire for more of the same or even tolerance for a change in strategy. The American people spoke; WE want an end to this war.

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