Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Corporate Paradigm

Have we come to a point in the Corporate Paradigm of our nation that we cannot agree on basic business practices.

An agreement is an agreement. A Deal is a Deal. How can you justify an executive making 6 figures in a company off the back of workers and at the same time is cutting employees and benefits? There are societies that believe that if you cheat someone out of money they are justified to kill you. I wish the same applied within business laws & ethics in America. Corporations are recently now legally being permitted to renege on their agreements resulting in the destruction of families & communities.

Let this executive get out there and do the dirty work. These Executives especially should not be getting a higher pay when the worker’s pensions are being cut. Let me tell you something my friends; when the jobs of Pilots, one of the most respected occupations in the U.S., are not protected then believe me yours will be next.

Many will call this perspective and line of thought as conspiracy theory. This is the same thing that is being said about the Oil Industry, where Progressives have been protesting against for years. It's no longer a “Conspiracy Theory”, the price of gas is now $5.00 a gallon in Atlanta and after Hurricane Katrina FL. Gov. Jeb Bush has asked Texas for a 2 weeks supply of oil. I have been told that Oil Companies have a higher profit margin than any other industry. This means their price to the consumer is excessively higher (exorbitant) than it cost them to produce the final product of gasoline. The Insurance Industry is in the business of Insurance but do their best to not honor claims and raise premiums after every disaster. Health Care is in the business of saving lives but the average citizens and poor can’t afford it. American Auto makers sell cars for twice as much as foreign car makers, American cars which are of lesser quality. I for one have had enough of Corporations draining society for more than its worth. Why more than its worth? Because I’d guess that 75% of us are paying off loans.

I hope that at least now that your pocket book and guaranteed benefits is being affected by this new Corporate Paradigm that you will at least open your mind to the fact that it is not Economic & Market Influences at play here, but wealthy individuals that own corporations that could care less about the worker and the good of the nation.

In regards to Union workers that don't do work. Speak for those you have worked with but most Americans unionized or not are hard workers and are not paid enough.

America’s power is derived from our hard work, hard working individuals, and entrepreneurship. I know this is the right way because it is Anti Trust, Monopoly, and Anti Collusion Laws that seek to keep Corporations & Big Business in check. Have we forgotten this? With the rise of power of corporations this idea of taking care of your workers is being lost, and so will be the economic foundation it has taking decades for our people to build.

Trusting in Economic & Market Forces and also the Democratic Process, America is in store for an abrupt Economic & Political realignment.

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